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Redstone Marketplace Highlight - King of the Poo 💩


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Jul 6, 2015
💩 King of the Poo 💩

Hey! My name is Riley and I'm a Redstone Engineer at CubeCraft. I work alongside the other Designers to create fun and innovative minigames for the official Bedrock Marketplace! 🎉

Welcome to our Marketplace Highlight. In these sort of threads, we will go into detail about a particular project to show you our behind-the-scenes!


Last year, a friend introduced me to a PvP Duels kit called 'King of the Poo', this was essentially King of the Hill but with one big change: we battled on top of a big poo! This was quite popular amongst the community. So much so that eventually tournaments were held and videos were created!

I joined the CubeCraft team back in February of the year 2020. After a week or two, I showed my interest in creating a similar minigame for the Marketplace. The team wasn't really sure as it's quite a silly project! To my surprise, we received a green light! 😱

Creating the Entity

One of the main difficulties we faced was the fact that King of the Poo is originally a multiplayer game. We solved this by creating a custom entity that would battle against the players.

@mitgobla and @Yamín worked very closely together to create the poo entity.
Fun fact: the sound effects for the poo entity are @mitgobla's voice sped up! 🤣

The base of the entity: texturing, modelling and animating

Coding the behaviour of the poo entity

Map Process

The original plan was to only use the poo entities in singleplayer games. This would mean the entity, which took a lot of effort to create, would not be featured in multiplayer games at all. After one of my usual progress updates, a Design Manager pointed this out and collectively, we decided to show it off as much as we could: we implemented the entities into multiplayer games as well.
There is even an easter egg somewhere in the lobby that features the poo entity as well, just to give it that little bit extra!

At first, the entity was a bit too simple. The only kind of attacking it could do was by walking up to the player and slapping them. Later on, we added poo projectiles. The poo entities would randomly start throwing with said projectiles, massively improving the gameplay!

Closer to the end of the project, we decided to add random world events to boost replayability and to spice things up even more.

The endless supply of crappy puns we shared with one another can't go unmentioned of course! And overall, this must be one of the most hilarious projects we've worked on so far! 🤪

The Artwork

Creating art for a project like this wasn't easy. During one of our meetings, @Efcluke94 pulled out this exact screenshot from a Harry Potter movie.

This inspired @Story to make some hilarious marketing art assets! 💩

Quality Assurance

The QA team is an internal team that helps us test our Marketplace projects. Their feedback was key for the growth of this minigame: we discovered a dozen bugs and based on feedback they gave us, we made small or sometimes game-changing tweaks.

For instance, throughout testing, we noticed the knockback wasn't quite enough. We made the game so much more fun using some levitation magic. Some of the team members tested for hours on end! 😱


Acting for the trailers is already quite nice, but imagine playing with almost a dozen other players on a giant poo... Can't get much better, can it? 😂

You can find this any many more of our projects on the official Bedrock Marketplace! 💜

If you want to contribute to our servers and Marketplace projects, feel free to check out our application thread!

Thank you so much for checking out our first Marketplace Highlight thread. We'll be doing these from time to time! Keep on being creative out there!​
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Jul 6, 2015
OMG Priley, you did it! You made an awesome minegame out of crappy idea! (Please let me use this joke mods)
And your first featured content! ❤
And now that you're done, let's play some skywars when I'm back shall we!
Thanks for your support! This is the first project I contributed to being released on the Marketplace. Can't wait to see how other people like it!
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