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Oct 20, 2013
Hey cubecrafters!
So, its the end of the month again, and its time to announce the top winners and killers for skywars and survival games! So, here they are:
Top Skywars Winners:
Oldmanzangetsu: 420 wins (Gold rank ---> Emerald rank + 30,000 points)
MormonJudy: 396 wins (Stone rank ---> Diamond rank)
Claudecode: 310 wins (Stone rank ---> Gold rank)
SpartanFerret: 285 wins (Stone rank ---> Lapiz rank)
MCEruption: 253 wins (Gold rank ---> Diamond rank)

Top Skywars Killers:
MormonJudy: 3359 kills (+50,000 points)
Claudecode: 2938 kills (+40,000 points)
GOMSY: 2763 kills (+30,000 points)
martin_go: 2381 kills (+20,000 points)
Oldmanzangetsu: 2052 kills (+10,000 points)

Top Survival Games Winners:
9Taurus: 288 wins (Stone rank ---> Emerald rank)
DELICOUSDR69: 190 wins (Stone rank ---> Diamond rank)
gamebuster101: 179 wins (Iron rank ---> Diamond rank)
Katybug17: 177 wins (Stone rank ---> Lapiz rank)
JustxSomexBro: 147 wins (Stone rank ---> Iron rank)

Top Survival Games Killers:
DELICOUSDR69: 1277 kills (+50,000 points)
9Taurus: 1266 kills (+40,000 points)
gamebuster101: 864 kills (+30,000 points)
GamerGalCandy: 856 kills (+20,000 points)
MarkusBasso: 771 kills (+10,000 points)

Well done to everyone who managed to reach the top 5 for something!
Good luck this month!

Let me know of any problems encountered with receiving ranks or points!

But for now, cya later, rubik!
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I'll be honest I have seen a lot more Teaparties whilst playing today. I wonder if the admins made it open more. If so, this is excellent work. Magnificent, actually.
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Congrats TC ❤
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