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Oct 20, 2013
Hi everyone 👋

We have decided to change our approach to how we accept map submissions. We appreciate the effort you have invested into your maps and hope you had fun while building them. We have been heavily investing in our team, allowing us the flexibility to hand choose the theme of our maps and edit gameplay to maximise the fun!

Main causes for Closing Map Submission Sub Forum:
  • We want to provide custom-built maps giving the best player experience possible.
  • Shift expectations from building a map for Cube to building a map for yourself and sharing it with like-minded people.
You can keep sharing your maps in Creations, getting constructive feedback and praise from the community for your hard work. We love to see our community get creative!

If we think your map is a good fit for the server we will reach out to you.
This will hopefully be more rewarding for the builder and release frustration on long waiting times for a review which may end up as a denial.

Thank you all so much, especially to the ones who have submitted their maps. We will be reviewing the submissions that have been posted but will no longer be accepting any new ones 💙
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