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    What's up guys, Sahzo Here
    I Have a mini-game ready to play in the forums.

    the intention is actually to make a poem with the forum and maybe to achieve something with it.

    So Let's begin,
    I will start with saying the beginning of a word that first belongs in a sentence, and the second person who responds to it chooses the next word of the sentence, but the word must be correct in comparison with the previous word otherwise it is no poem.

    The First Word is: The


    Maximum 8 words in 1 sentence, tell the next person if you want the sentence to end and that person can start a new sentence
    The last word of a sentence must rhyme on the last word of the next sentence
    The words must be correct, so that it is a correct sentence
    The poem must be about 8 verses long
    if you think it's too difficult to make a poem with the forum, just let me know.
    But i think it is possible.

    Greetings Sahzo
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