lucky block isle's drops

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should there be more drops in lucky block isle's

  1. nah, it's good how it is.

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  2. yes, but not all of these.

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  3. yes, yes! YES

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  1. Earth

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    the lucky block islands is a pretty fun game to play, yet, i really think it needs more drops if you want to be original, i can totally accept that, but i really think it needs atleast some more drops.

    here are some examples:

    -add actual Lucky weapons+armor (any kind of enchants)
    -any kind of mineral blocks (as the iron is at the moment) that fall from the sky with a special effect
    -lotsa more food because everyone loves cooked cow and/or pig meat :D
    -thunder strike
    -lit tnt spawn
    -tnt+redstone torch (at once)

    -please, just please, add the one and only: bob.
    -creeper spawn
    -pointy sticks (sharpness 4 maybe?)
    -whacking stick (knockback 2 or 1)

    -not the same potions, over and over again
    -some golden apples (no notch, too op)
    -lucky and unlucky potions (not too op either)
    -armor pieces (any kind, any material)
    -everyone sure loves snowballs to knock people off with :D
    -enchantment table
    -bottles 'o experience
    -chests with random stuff in it

    things that needs to be fixed / changed

    first of all, reduce the cooldown of the slime wand, and make it so the slime doesn't take fall damage, because it's almost useless in my opinion
    the shield wand: why leaves? make it something like glass?
    dragon breath wand: the fire is a bit messed up, I mean, it's fine, but if I fire it down it just goes up?

    now I really dont have a single thing against the wands, i mean, they are amazing, original and should never be removed.

    so do you like my suggestions about the lucky block isle's drops? also please leave a poll below
    i'll hear of you people.


  2. Younisco

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    I agree the fact there should be more stuff for lucky islands, but there shouldn't be too much, because there will be slimmer possibilities that you can get a feasible weapon to kill.
  3. Sophie

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    Agree with everything, especially these;
    The main 'gimmick' you could say of this gamemode, the one thing that separates it from just being skywars, are the unique wands and yet the slime and dragon breath wand are almost useless. Dragon breath is very inaccurate and mundane whereas the slime wand cannot be used to any advantage at all; if you use it in close proximity, it'll probably attack you, and if you shoot it across the map to somebody, it'll act like it has hit an invisible wall and fall to its demise.
    Also, I reckon that glass would be better than leaves for the shield wand, but think that the shield wand should either degrade or have a much larger timer on it. After all, if you use it as you get hit off an island, you will survive.
    Despite this, I too agree that the wands are amazing. The regen and shield wands are my personal favorites.

    As with what younis said however, if there are going to be new items added then a percentage of these items should include new weapons, so that you can actually kill people.