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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by john, Jan 21, 2014.

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    Look, in real life I do not like this form of making money. I believe these lotteries do not bring any good to the people who wasted their money on tickets and did not win. Unless, they sell their Ferrari to the lottery winner to pay off debt.

    Although, I think it would be cool if cubecraftgames had a lottery system that delivers points to the winner. You perform an in-game command such as, /buy 20 lottery tickets. Then you purchase 20 lottery tickets. I believe that people would be more interested in voting to buy more tickets. Also, since you would only have one winner, only one person would end up with all of the points. Since people are greedy even if they won and possessed thousands of points they would still vote because everyone wants to receive more of anything that brings joy to themselves.

    I propose, every week the server announces a lottery winner that is chosen randomly. Over the week people will buy tickets for the higher likelihood of being randomly picked. The standard prize for a weekly lottery could be 15,000 points. Each ticket could be priced at 10-15 or so points. Obviously the closer it is to the announcement of the winner the more expensive the tickets become.

    I also believe there could be a monthly lottery but, since this is just a proposal to drum up more voters which has never been done on cubecraft we will see if it works before more lotteries are added.

    Thanks for reading and please remember what I said at the beginning. I do not want to be considered as the kid who supports real life lotteries. Thanks :)