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Aug 2, 2020
New England
so you know that goodbye post i made like... i dunno... half a month ago? a month ago?

well things kinda got interesting...

i recently discovered that a speedcubing store, speedcubeshop has a minecraft survival server (don't flag this plz), and then I thought, "why not?" and hopped into the server. i did alot of stuff, but to summarize it in a few breaths; I built a house in a village, grinded for a few hours, and made a small duels arena under my house.

highlight the duels arena, this will be important.


I don't really know what happened from there... I think that the short period of time that i "quit minecraft" has resetted my bias on which pvp version is more comfortable for me. Now I tend to lean towards 1.9 pvp over 1.8. don't get me wrong, 1.8 has its own benefits, and I used to main it before i went back to main speedcubing as my main hobby for like... half a month or so (at this point i've lost my sense of time due to outside world situations)

i think i'll let speedcubing and 1.9 PvP/Survival share the throne on my dominant hobbies


so... what now cryptic? are you getting back into MC?
kinda... I still treasure speedcubing because as i said earlier it defines me more

maybe i shoulda been more careful on my last post and say that MC PvP doesn't really define me as much as speedcubing smh

are you going to be a cubecrafter again?
eh... it's likely...

are you good at 1.9?
for now my KD is 0.08 the last time i checked, now you be the judge

will you start a third chapter in your youtube channel?
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CapitalSpoon wrote on Finixly's profile.
Just heard :(( Thanks for everything and good luck Fin ;( I hope you meet Ariana soon.
My last day at the ice cream store :(
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Taïs... Wat doet het pijn om je weg te zien gaan...
Ontzettend bedankt voor je immens grote inzet in het team.
Misschien zie ik je nog voor een pottie valorant ofzo.
Never stop being you :heart:
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noooo :(
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Nooooooo Finixlyyyyy :(
Thanks for everything! <3 will miss ya
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