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Sep 12, 2018
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Hi all! This is an oddly specific yet much needed update to one of the maps in Lucky Islands Solo. I am unsure how Bedrock works on the area of upgrading items, as well as how the map looks, therefore prefix Java. Please correct me if it should be All Networks. EDIT: prefix changed to all networks

So, what are we talking about? The issue occurs solely in the map 'Nether' in Solo Lucky Islands.


Nether in my opinion is one of the better maps. It allows good PvP, tactical play with worse items (which is pretty much the fun of Lucky Islands for me) and quick movement across the map. I hope this map doesn't get rotated out, which is why I think it is worth to make the suggestion in the first place.

Nether has another very cool feature in the map which might not be known to many, but can come in clutch for the late game. Nether is the only map with the ability to make Netherite gear! Ever wondered why there was a smithing table in the middle, as the only map on the roster? Well, now you know!

Under the staircase in middle, you can find a blast furnace, crafting table and a couple gold blocks. Looks like this:

In the furnace, you can find a stack of netherite shards and an empty bucket. You can fill the bucket with lava as fuel.

When you have enough shards and gold, you can craft yourself some netherite ingots.

With the netherite ingot you just made, you should be able to upgrade a piece of diamond armour to netherite armour. More about that beneath!

When introduced in 1.16 up until 1.20, upgrading on a smithing table looked like this:

This means you could easily upgrade whatever piece of diamond gear you had. This also worked when the map was added, back when Java was updated to be fully 1.19. Java updated to 1.20 as a whole, which means that the smithing table also got a slight change. It now looks as follows:


This means you now need the same items as before to upgrade your piece of gear, but you also need an additional smithing template. That is where the issue lies! In Lucky Islands, it is impossible to obtain a smithing template and therefore the entire design of the map kinda fails. That's why I suggest to add a barrel or something similar above the blast furnace to contain a couple smithing templates. This should make slow play in the middle possible again, which allows all kind of tactics to work again!

If you have a different solution to this problem, please let me know, but it definitely could use a change. If you agree, please react with :agree: ! Thanks all, have a nice one! ♥️
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Mar 6, 2023
Pretty sure this can be moved to all networks. I always thought the missing template was probably an oversight and wasn’t sure whether submitting a bug report for it would be appropriate or not. Either way it definitely should get fixed.
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