Lezappen's soul

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    Part 1 : The story behind my skin
    Part 2 :
    Booting.. launching minecraft, loading game...
    Dazed..Lezappen woke up, lifted to his feet by the main user.
    He could hear the groans and movements of nearby enderman.
    Below him, obsidian, above him, the dark silouhette of the enderdragon accompanied by the sound of its wings gracefully slicing through the air.
    Without looking up, he could tell the enderdragon was circling in as light currents of air brushed passed him.
    Strangely, he wasn't afraid. He didn't feel a need to run away.
    No longer trapped, his soul was at peace.
    Lost in his thoughts, he felt himself gliding from left to right, his soul was moving seemingly without effort, working in tandem with the user, until he came to a stop. Lezappen found himself staring deep in the dying eyes of the Enderdragon, a cold silence hung in the air.
    He had just killed the beast, without a blink of an eye.
    No pity, no mercy, just indifference.
    Now was the time, to train the user, to fully understand the power of Lezappen's soul...
    And so began, the search for the perfect opponent, the perfect match for such a merciless soul...