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Kit pvp part 1 :P


Dec 26, 2013
Happy Land
Well, It's time for me to compare! ^^

Bandicam uses alot less disc space. Fraps are much easier to handle, I agree. But bandicam is generally better for long time recording.
For low pc space, bandicam is of course better, but I prefer fraps since I have loads of free space.
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Hola, cómo puedo reportar a un jugador que estaba haciendo trampa en una partida de eggwars, él volaba y era de mi equipo, su nombre es senorpocoyo aparte de eso estaba insultando.
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i like sushi so much and i would like to eat sushi again but i just ate a sushi yesterday
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Congratulations! 🌸
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Sick of this half HP meta. I don't want to eat gapples every two seconds.
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