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Feb 10, 2021
I've been playing CTF since it came out but religiously for the past year, and it's always had that simple sort of vibe that was nice to the game. The game would be so much nicer if they all seemed the same instead of these 2 slime pads in the Beach map that just doesn't seem to fit. It makes the game seem too easy to get to compared to other maps if it gets to late game, and if there's a party on the other team there's not much you can do as they can go a bajillion different ways to the flag. Also they're kind of glitchy if you jump and land on the slime block as it pushes you into the void if jumping onto the pad from the fence. Instead of Jump pads just take away the whole platform altogether and keep it from the diamonds to the fence. Also the taking away of most of the void from Beach kind of annoys me after getting used to it but if others like it then it's fine.
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Anyone here hate Mondays?
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omg ur pfp is so adorable and cool
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was quite a journey wasnt it x
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Thank you for all you did as admin!!
Goodluck with your new role as QA <3
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