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Is Freelook Usable?

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Jul 23, 2019
If you do not know what Freelook is, essentially it is a mod that allows you to look around yourself without your actual in-game head moving around.

So you could look all around yourself while appearing to look completely still. Or you could run and sprint towards an island on a bridge in EggWars and look around without altering your movement.

Obviously you can already look behind yourself using F5, but your head still moves when you move your cursor.

So is Freelook allowed? Or is this an advantage?


Jun 3, 2018
Hey @Fiefens,
Sorry for the delayed response. In case your question wasn't answered by a staff member. Freelock isn't allowed according to a 2016 thread of official allowed mods here. To be safe, I'd ask a staff member to confirm this as it can be used as an advantage.


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Freelook isn't allowed as it gives an advantage against other players who don't have that mod. If you want to look around yourself without changing much the player's head position you can change your perspective using a keybind (the default key is F5).

If you have any other questions, feel free to start a conversation with me or any other staff member! :)
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