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Discussion in 'Tower Defence' started by Dorek1998, Jun 27, 2019.


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  1. Dorek1998

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    Recently I've been quite wondering a few things about the towers I don't tend to use. And I wanted to test them out in practice to see if they can be viable under any circumstances. However, the issue laid on the fact it's a game where lots of new non-communicative players will disallow a player from testing anything by building other disturbing damage sources or the enemy team not sending the monsters. So this is my primary reason on this idea being brought up here.

    So what is this about? It's all about testing, of course. Each player would have it's separate lobby in which he can freely test out the tower and mob potential. The lobby would contain: One lane with a castle, a mob spawn and some slightly complex lane pattern. The player himself would have access granted to all towers he currently has unlocked, all the mobs (and their levels) possible to use, all the potions (including the speed and heal potions so the player can test out the offensive strategies as well), sword and bow upgrades the player has aquired for points, and of course, infinite coins/XP (that, or free upgrades). The method: Player gains the ability to send monsters against his own castle (with cooldown, of course), once the mobs reach the castle, they disappear.

    How would this be useful? Primary reason standing behind it's use, is giving any player the ability to see which towers are effective against speciffic mobs or rushes. He can find out what the key strengths and key weaknesses each mob has, without having to experience it in the game while miserably losing to more experienced opponents plenty of times. The player can also try out the underused towers for separate damage. For example, did You know that maxed out Poison tower on path 2 does 24 damage to EVERY monster around it? Now imagine this with hundreds of slimes. that's hundreds, or even THOUSANDS of damage every 10 seconds from ONE tower! it's ridiculous!

    Aside from that, Players can also use this Lab to execute various mob strategies, to see which works, which does not, which is easier and harder to counter, that can be very handy for people who want an effective rush.

    I really hope this idea gets some attention. It's not something TD needs, but it's definitely something which would make TD more fun.
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  2. CatsLoveRainbows

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    So, it's like a sandbox mode? That's awesome! +1
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  3. _LilStxrry

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    I play Tower Defense a lot and this seems like a very good idea to have a kind of 'Test Mode'.

    Of all the games at CubeCraft, Tower Defense is the most complex game because it is all about strategy.

    I also see many players leaving when they are in a Tower Defense game, because it is 'boring' or because they don't understand the concept. But once you realize it is really a very good game. This mode could give players the chance to test things and to have more knowledge of the game. Especially for the new players, but also for the people who play it before, this would be a good game mode for testing Towers, trying out new mobs and coming up with new strategies. It would be great if this were added.
  4. Mecha_San

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    Dang this thread didn't get any attention, not even mine. Been about 2 weeks since it had been made. Ty @CatsLoveRainbows for the bump. And about the thread, absolutely great idea. I hope this thread doesn't go to waste.