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Sep 18, 2023
I've been a cubecraft player for a while, but im not quite popular. I want to be more active on the forums and eggwars. The problem is: i don't know what to write. I wanna be helpful like roxrock, like his lucky blocks posts are SO helpful. Give me an idea, please
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Feb 9, 2021
I have come up with so many ideas for this server over the years, some of them good, most of them bad. One of them even got implemented! My secret for it is simple, I sit alone with my thoughts for 2-4 hours a day. I'm not joking, almost all my ideas come from that. Sometimes I channel those hours into writing, and sometimes I channel it into bad (sometimes good) ideas that I then write on these forum! Yes, I actually come up with my huge walls of text, by sitting alone for hours on end. IDK how other people do it, but that's how it works for me.


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May 25, 2022
I've been a cubecraft player for a while, but im not quite popular. I want to be more active on the forums and eggwars. The problem is: i don't know what to write. I wanna be helpful like roxrock, like his lucky blocks posts are SO helpful. Give me an idea, please
My advice for a large suggestion is to find a game you like and really think hard how you can improve it. Think about the mechanics and anything you think would be cool to add or modify.
For example, the Skyblock suggestion thread I started : https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/new-skyblock-island-2nd-edition-overworld-cherry-grove-.354837/.

For smaller suggestions, there isn’t really anything specific. I usually read what people comment on the forums and sometimes I get an idea!
For example, this is @WorriedSkate940 ‘s thread about reverting the changes to the map toys (https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/bring-back-old-toys.354509/). After reading his suggestion, an idea come to me, and I made this thread about making the map “Toys” into an Eggwars Duels map (https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/new-eggwars-duels-map.354521/).
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Mar 6, 2023
I’m glad you seem inspired by me. A lot of it stems from my motivation to grow the game and its community, which I have dug deep into. I am able to write so much purely as a result of having so many thoughts about lucky islands, I have accumulated over 30 days of play time, and as a result, have a ton I want to write about. Most of my ideas I come up with happen after something happens during the match. I also have a bit of experience writing essays in school, which I am now receiving a tenth grade level education of, and I also have autism, which could effect the way my brain processes and organizes thought, although I’m really not sure.

Ultimately, my motivation to grow this game is mostly inspired by a content creator I watch, SHiFT, after observing his motivation to grow the community around his game and earn it the respect it deserves. After becoming so invested in lucky islands, I really want to try to find people who like the game as much as me and improve the game as much as possible with feedback and bug reports.

I think that the more you try and post, the more ideas you will get and as you learn more about how to create good posts. My first posts were never really that good, but I was able to look at other posts and get get used to the way things work. Looking back, I think my posts have steadily increased in quality.

Trying to facilitate community discussion can be a great starting point. If you haven’t already seen them, I’ve been making weekly lucky islands topic discussion threads on Saturdays, which also help me generate ideas for feedback. Doing something similar, maybe with eggwars, could be an idea

The most difficult project which I am the most proud of is my guide, which you can find by clicking on the link in my profile. I worked on this throughout the summer. Ultimately, making something of this size requires not only a ton of knowledge, but a high amount of dedication, I would advise on starting off with smaller projects. For me, creating this has been worth the effort. Also, when making something this size, its a good idea to publish it once it has enough information to be useful, then make edits to improve it over time.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask the community for ideas. For example, I’m currently working on a lucky islands quiz. To get question ideas, I asked the community in a profile post. Not long after, crystal legend replied with a good idea I plan on adding. If you have any more questions, I would be happy to help.
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