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I can be a staff member?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by JackPearl, Feb 1, 2015.

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  1. JackPearl

    JackPearl Member

    Jan 27, 2015
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    I want to be a staff member. I think i can be a good mod or helper.

    Lets see my qualities and defects:

    • I stay very time on server (around 5-10 hours it depend of the day)
    • I am very active on forums and i never swear
    • If anyone insulte me i ignore but if the insulte is bad language or racism i mute.
    • If ayone insulte other player im gonna see the circumstances (if the other player insulte first or anything similar) and i can mute or dont mute (it can depend of the insulte again).
    • Im multi-language: im portuguese but i talk spanish and english.
    • I know a little things about command blocks or normal commands.
    • I have personal skype (if any staff member want msg me pls because is personal)
    • I am very patient so i can wait 1 week for one answer about anything
    • I sometimes like to do some things alone like some ideas of the players (but is a bit rare because i ussualy ask to a mod/admin/owner/staff member)
    • I know the basic rules of staff
    • I think i am sympathetic to the players
    • I like to do the things with eficiency but with calm


    • Im bad with builder
    • My skin is ugly
    • I only stay a little time on factions,parkour,ultra hardcore,pvp and arcade (but if be a staff member im gonna stay there a bit of time)
    • I like to play skywars,survival games so if i be a staff member i need to play these games less to have more time for other players
    • I dont know all the commands of the staff members :( (but i learn the things fast because i write down for not forget)
    • I am a little bad with plugins
    • I be mutted 2 times

    However i think i have sufficient qualities to be a member of staff. And if anyone be my "tutor or teacher" i learn the things very fast. I dont only mute or ban players for hack or swear or racism. I want to be a member staff because i love cubecraft, cubecraft is a part of my life. Do not get this as a better chance to be the staff but this is the truth I always played in cubecraft and i cant find one better server. I know a lot of servers but in fact only the cubecraft is that it has something special. I like just do not know what.I dont know if it's the skywars maps or the staff of the fact to be very active and efficient but something has the cubecraft.Cubecraft is like my second home.Cubecraft is... is... i dont know. Is 90% of the minecraft.I only play minecraft for the cubecraft. If cubecraft dont exist i dont gonna play minecraft.

    So this is the reasons. I dont know if i can be a staff member but if i be, this is gonna be one of the best days of my life. Im gonna to a calendary and im gonna mark that date.

    So think about me. I really want to be a staff member.I dont know i... only want to be. Since I met the forum my life change. I met very admins,very players. And know im there writing a giant text only to be admin.

    With greetings, JackPearl
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  2. PinkStr3ak

    PinkStr3ak Member

    Jan 4, 2014
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