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Jul 23, 2015
Hey! Thanks for taking interest in reporting a bug for our Bedrock or Java network!

We will normally test our games thoroughly before release, however, with a group of 10-20 staff members, some bugs may be uncommon that they won't appear until there are thousands of players playing at a time! Reporting a bug to us through these forms is one of the only few that we can identify and fix them accordingly!

Have you ever witnessed something that you think was not supposed to happen? Then this is likely to be a bug. Bugs can occur in all forms, issues and effects. The bug report section on our forums is meant for bugs that are being experienced on our own Minecraft platforms (Which are Bedrock and Java 1.12+). This guide has been made to show you what to do when you find a bug!

👉 To report a bug on our Bedrock network, please fill out this form.

👉To report a bug on our Java network, please fill out this form.

📝 Evidence

When finding and reporting a bug, we really need to have evidence. Without evidence, we are unable to reproduce nor forward the bug. Depending on the bug, you can either use screenshots or video evidence.

Screenshots can be used for bugs which are not experienced in gameplay, such as chat issues and missing blocks in maps.

When the issue does affect gameplay, such as getting teleported back when you do a specific movement or items not behaving like they should, we require you to have video evidence.

When you are doubting between screenshots or video as evidence, it’s always better to get video evidence!

🐛 Different types of bugs


There are a few bugs which we handle differently from the others. These bugs you can forward in the #staff-help channel on our Discord server ~ https://cbecrft.net/discord .

There are a few bugs which should be forwarded in #staff-help, one of them being non-reproducible bugs. We need the /whereami output for bugs that are limited to one game and cannot be caused by a player, as they randomly happen, and you cannot make them happen.

Other bugs which you can forward are bugs that require immediate attention, such as the server (partially) being down. We do not need a /whereami for these situations. When forwarding a /whereami, make sure to include some evidence and information about the bug!

Reproducible bugs
Every other bug that does not require immediate attention or a /whereami output, can be forwarded through the forums. These bugs usually require a lot more information than the bugs you can forward on our discord, which is why we get you to answer the questions we give you and urge you to provide as much information as possible.

🧑‍🏫 How to report a bug

Reporting a bug is as easy as filling out a form! We'll ask you a bunch of questions that help us drill down the cause of the bug and what steps we'll need to do with processing the bug internally.

If you come across a bug on our Bedrock network, please fill this form!

If you come across a bug on our Java network, please fill this form!

🕘 After reporting

Once your bug report has been submitted, we will try to check the report as quickly as possible. Bug reports are usually checked within 1-3 days. If your bug report has the prefix open, it means that the report has not been checked yet.

If your report has the prefix pending, it means that the report has been checked, but we need more clarification either from you or from someone within our staff team to be able to forward or reproduce the bug. We will always reply to the thread if we need more information from you. If we don’t reply, that means we are discussing the report internally.

One of the final prefixes can be a green closed, it means we have forwarded the bug to the right team, or that the bug was known already. If the bug is reproducible or lacks explanation, a developer, moderator or admin might contact you by re-opening the report and asking you more questions. The prefix might get changed back to pending.

The other final prefix is a red closed prefix. This means that the report was not handed over to the development team, as it has already been fixed, lacked evidence or explanation or there hadn't been a response for over two weeks after one of our team members asked the player a question.

Thank you for reading - we're excited to squish some bugs with you all!

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