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Has anyone seen dikkehans on FFA recently?

Should dikkehans be punished for his toxic behavior?

  • Yes, he must be banned for justice

  • Yea, he might deserve a punishment

  • I dont know/ I dont care

  • No (vote if kid)

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Apr 11, 2020
Hi, as you might know, I have been banned forever because I did some questionable actions out of rage, but this has a reason, this player, dikkehans, has bullied me till I was a mental wreck, and couldnt do anything else then just starting to rage.
So, he is mostly playing FFA, and known for being toxic, in case you see him there, just tell him that due to his toxic behavior, I had mental issues, and got banned forever, I expect him to celebrate this news, but if you told him, please send he a screenshot of how he behaved.
Oh, and another thing: maybe try to get his YT, if he asks you why you want it, tell him that you want to subscribe him to be "friends", and then post his YT in the replies, I will be very grateful.
He should know one thing: he might got me banned, but I wont give up.
Also here will be proof what he did to me:
frame 6.png
frame 7.png
frame 11.png
frame 12.png
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Apr 11, 2020
this isnt true, a lot of players at least didnt kill me, a few even helped me.
there are only some toxic players, even most who kill do it for the sake of the game, they dont focus, only focusers are toxic.


May 23, 2018
I'm sorry to hear that we're getting bullied by those people. But the best thing u could maybe do/try is maybe. Speak with them? Or ask why they bully you, you never know maybe they will stop bullying you. But the screenshots you included can't get them muted or banned. (If I'm right) (correct me If I'm wrong).
(And if they still bully you ignore them maybe.)


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Jun 19, 2017
The Netherlands
I do understand that it might be frustrating when a certain person or group is targetting you all the time. Though this is not the right way to deal with a situation like this. Trying to get revenge by going to their YouTube channel won't help you at all. I wouldn't do that if I were you, it will only make things worse.
Now we punish players for bullying since the latest rules update, but this is not enough evidence. You could've just left the game to join another map or to play another gamemode. Now all you do is creating drama about this here, which won't help you either.
It's not worth it to stick around with people you don't feel comfortable with or who keep targetting you. It's also not worth it to say bad things about people like this, because you're still giving them some kind of attention. Also, you have been muted for a reason, I think you do understand that.

In the end, we're all playing for fun and if someone is being negative towards you, ignore it or join another game. It's just a game in an online world where you don't actually know who's sitting on the other side and some people forget that there are real people with feelings behind all this. Don't let them make you feel bad, especially because they don't even know you!

I'm going to lock this thread now to prevent any further drama. If you have any other questions or issues, feel free to contact me or another staff member.

- Locked.
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