Minecraft PC IP: play.cubecraft.net
Hello there, Im Fairly new on this, So lets keep it going

# **Who i am?**
Well, im someone who is fairly new to minecraft multiplayer,i always played vanilla but a friend introduced me to this server (Who is also not registered here....)
Im would say that im a casual player, since i play at my pace, and im not good at pvp in general or building ("insert deffinition of newbie here")

I like to play videogames in general,but i am more to local multiplayer games, since the network always causes trouble

# **Ok, but who are you outside this? **
I really don't have much to say about me, im mostly a calm person, I am currently studying progamation, (and as you probably have seen, my english is...... Interesting....)
I don't have much free time, so im not that active, but i will pass here sometimes

I am part of a community in the Terraria game ,due i have a potato device, so i can't run minecraft past 5 Chunks of Render distance...., so in other words, im more a terraria player

# **Then what do you do in minecraft?**
I just casually play vanilla survival, and sometimes messing arround with commands to do things , i also am a casual speedrunner (my record is .... 14 hours?)
I have the game since 2017 i think, i have 98% of archievements

# **So..?**

Well i just wanna say hello to everyone, and im ready to join to this comunity! (Or the forum?, well its same.....?)
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