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General new Suggestions


Oct 28, 2013
Hey every one.
Here are some General Suggestions about new games, kits etc.

Back in the day when the server wasnt that HUGE (xD) there was Infection
in the games. But as the games were updated infection never came back.
Infection always had a fair amount of players (around 30-100) and i think it
would be awesome if you guys bring Infection back.

-King of the ladder
If you are looking for new games, you may want to think
about adding King of the ladder, since its realy fun and doesnt need a lot of plug-ins.

-New kit-pvp maps
There should also be multiple maps on kit-pvp
I know that there is already a "Christmas" map so its is going in a good
direction. I would suggest 1 map per server. So 4 diffrent maps all added up.
That would give so much more variety to the game.

-New pvp-kits
Id love to see a jumper kit, where the person can jump really high(at least 2 blocks),
so you can actually dodge attacks. Of course there must be a compensation for example low armour.

Also id like to see a new ender kit.
Where the player is given ender perles (please in low quantity)

Finaly i think a cool idea would be a climb/crawl kit.
Where you can climb walls or crawl through 1 space block.
If you can find a way to realize that, then it would be sooo awesome.
I am very well aware that not all of these suggestions can be realized
but they are just that suggestions so add what you like and dismiss what is not possible or else.

Thanks (and sorry you had to actually use your head and read for once :P jk)
Oct 20, 2013
More kit pvp maps are being made, the class ideas I like, and all the mini games from the old server will be implemented (mob arena, fish slap, infection, ghost squadron, etc.) and king of the ladder is a nice idea.
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