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Mar 30, 2014
Hello, I thought I would make a thread about this. As many of you know I have been really inactive lately. And I've already made a thread or 2 like this, I am leaving again. The reason I came back I would not like to discuss. I will rarely be online but active on the forums because I have some sort of addiction to it xD.
Anyways I would have too much people to thank but here are a few. (Sorry if I didn't tag you, please tell me)
Sadly I didn't have much "moments" with people so erm yeeaaa, I might be back after summer who knows.

- @Volkom_ thanks for the opportunity of you know why xD and for being a great friend.

- @Shrimps thank you for everything :3

- @sealgoesowowow do I even have to explain? Thanks for everything you helped me with I would have no friends if it weren't for you.

- @BlueMoon475 your voice is awesome!

- @Nyanbaz thanks for being just awesome.

- @Efcluke94 I luv yer builds.

- @SunshineChick thanks for being a an awesome role model.

- @PinkStr3ak Even know we weren't best of friends thanks for helping me and the whole server.

- @TheAdventurerMM thanks for helping build the swamp

- @s_a_r_a_h and @CrespoVeronica thanks for confusing me.

- @Pokemon bears and Belgium ladies xD.

That was a lot to write on an iPad


Happy trails to you, until we meet again.
Some trails are happy ones,
Others are blue.
It’s the way you ride the trail that counts,
Here’s a happy one for you.
~Dale Evans

I'll miss you a lot! It was so nice being your friend. We hope to see you soon :c
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Happy birthday!
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