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Fun gold + sky wars strategy


Jan 8, 2014
Outside your house
Sorry if your not gold or above, but if you are, this is something fun that I've done and really enjoyed doing ever since I got diamond rank!:D

Its a cool little strategy that if pulled of correctly (very hard to do) greatly increases your chances of winning a sky wars game.

This works best on trees or desert. Select kit ender men. Collect resources, tools, weapons, ect. from your island, bridge to person next to you, throw your ender pearl into there body (hopefully while they are looting chests) kill them, they drop TWO ender pearls, TP to middle, and back, then win game!!!:D This is very hard to do, very fun to try, and you win sometimes!!! So if your gold + maybe you might wanna try it out.
Jan 11, 2014
Technically anybody who play sky wars abuses the glitch because it happens EVERY time you kill someone, and it might not even be a glitch xD. Besides it works like 5% of the time, you lose much more often, then if you didn't do it.
im pretty sure its not a glitch, it happens most of the time to me.
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