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    Here you can post any fictional story, whether it be based on a true event, or entirely made up :D

    1: No swearing/strong language
    2: If you are racist or offensive in any way, i will ask a mod to remove your post
    3: Don't be annoying
    4: no peanuts allowed @ThatOnePeanutGuy

    Usually i would start, but i am working on a story now ;)
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    You never said anything about alt. accounts of a peanut. I gonna assume that means I'm all clear ;).

    Chapter One: A Hero's/Villain's Beginnings

    Well, our story here starts out with little Jimmy. You see, Jimmy wasn't like all the other peanuts. He liked talking to their sworn enemies the cashews. Jimmy was shunned because of this. One afternoon, Jimmy decided to try something. He thought to himself, "What if I help unite these two feuding nations?" Jimmy set down his books and started thinking about how to solve this problem. Unfortunately, Jimmy was pondering his idea in the middle of the street. Jimmy was hit by a bus. Our story picks back up at the door of ebrit1s house. Ebrit1 was the peanut in town whom everyone pitied. You see, on the day of his birth, his mother and father both forgot to show up which set a long string of negative happenings in the infants life. When he was only 2 years old, his "Uncle Carl" (nobody ever actually found out if he was actually related to anyone in the family...) got a little too drunk. He assumed that poor Ebrit1 was a snack. Ebrit1 barely managed to roll away from danger (as all peanuts do) but rolled too far. Off the balcony he went, out of Uncle Carl's reach. Poor Ebrit1 fractured his spleen, lost his kidney, (no one ever did find that missing kidney...) and cracked his skull. From then on, this was one peanut you wanted to watch out for. With his cracked skull, he became known as, "The Real Nut" out on the playground. He would even go so far as to taunt the squirrels. (a great fear to all of the Peanuts at that time.) Friendless and crazy, he left the small community at the age of 9.

    This story is brought to you by our sponsor: Planters Peanuts.

    Chapter Two: First Battle

    To be continued...