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Oct 20, 2013
Hello! I don't even know why I'm doing this but I'd like to recommend a few video games that are my favourite to people who are new to the games other than Minecraft. I'll do a Top 3 list of the few games that I like a lot, most of them are going to fit your needs just fine, if you need a good story, maybe some high action packed stuff, or you want to get frightened and if you're a Stealth Bastard (Deluxe).

Number 3 -

Borderlands 1-2

I know, this game doesn't have that stealth feeling, but if you're simply a Rambo type or just want to have fun with the psychos around you, then this game fits you perfectly! With over bazillions of guns, unique characters, amazing art style, this game got the 5th place in my Top 5 list. I mean seriously, which other game has over bazillion guns?! From pistols to snipers... With different stats and elements. Also, did I mention guns too? (Multi-player features: Co-op)

Number 2 -

Splinter Cell Franchise

For the ones who are Stealth Bastard (Deluxe)'s, and the book worms who love a good story. With the amazing but different voicing of Sam Fisher (The guy with the 5 eyes.), new ways to defeat your enemies, have some good time with the co-op and famous Spies VS. Mercenaries, this game fits my needs pretty damn well. I specially liked Sam's dialogs with Kobin.

With all these features it got into the 4th place on my Top 5 list.

Number 1 -

Guns Of Icarus

Most of you probably haven't even heard the name Icarus before, well let me tell you as a little fact, Icarus is the son of the master craftsman Daedalus. The main story told about Icarus is his attempt to escape from Crete by means of wings that his father constructed from feathers and wax. He ignored instructions not to fly too close to the sun, and the melting wax caused him to fall into the sea where he drowned. -Wikipedia. Now, if we're done with the history lesson lets get to the game, warning: This game doesn't contain a single player mode other than tutorial. First of all, buy this game, then come back and read this. Ok, if you've bought it now I can tell a few things about it, this game has done something that no games has ever done before. I don't know where to start from, how good the controls are, how good the game play is like, how well designed the ships are (Maybe zeppelin/airship.), how good the atmosphere is. Well I have started in a way, those are some facts that you should know, now I'll talk about the actual game.

This ship is an example of what you'll see in the game play, you'll be flying airships, exploding airships, boarding airships (Well not boarding but it would be a nice feature.), engineering airships, customizing airships, airshipping airships if that made any sense, using badass weapons. (I want to go harpoon sometimes. -SGTkuzey 2013 @jinjo90 )

I'll add 2 more games to this post soon.


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Oct 20, 2013
My Favourite 5 games!

  • GTA: San andreas
  • Left 4 Dead 2
  • Rome Total War
  • Call of Duty 4
  • Mincraft


Oct 24, 2013
My top 5 games of all time is

Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction
If you're a PC gamer, you have probably heard of Blizzard at some point, and this is one of their finest. Diablo 2:Lord of Destruction is an amazing RPG like dungeon crawler, with a greats story and a fluid and fast pased combat system. The story starts right after the first game, right after Aiden(The hero from Diablo 1) has defeated Diablo and plunged his soulstone into his head, getting corrupted by Diablo. You are set out to find Aiden and put a stop to the return of the prime evils, Mephisto, Diablo and Baal. Fight your way through countless hordes of demons and undead. Even though the game is almost 14 years old it is still up to todays standards even though it is a bit dated, graphics wise, but if some decent graphics doesnt put you off i would suggest picking this up.

If you're of the younger generation you might not have heard about the elder scrolls series, and thats okay. Skyrim is the fifth game in the elder scrolls series and it lives up to its former games. With over 350 hours of gameplay you will not get bored of exploring the world of skyrim. In a world where dragons have been gone for thousands of years, they are finally back, and you the Dovakhin(dragonborn) born slayer of dragons, have to put and end to their power. You will have endless amounts of fun, with so many different things you can do. You can become an assassin of the dark brotherhood, the archmage of winterhold or even a bard at the bards college in solitude. There is endless amounts of exploration and with 2 large expansion you will not run out of content. Oh did i forgot to say, there is about a million mods for skyrim out there! You might want overhaul your skyrim experience, with so many graphics enhanching mods and enbs, if you graphics card can handle it. Or maybe you think that there isnt enough spells, well with a click of a buttom you get 100s new spells.

Deus ex: Human revolution
Now this is one of the more mature titles of this list. In this game you're play as ex-supercop Adam Jensen, who in a tragic attack against, the company you're working for, gets put into a six month coma, where the only way to save you is to augment you. Augmentations are robotic parts connected to human tisue. Augmentations enhances you human abilities and they turn Adam Jensen into the real badass he is. In this game you wil make a lot of moral and political choices, so if you're really young and dont really understand politics you might not enjoy this game. The story is absoulutly amazing and it is even tailored by your play style. You can't go all rambo on people in this game, no you have to be stealthy and keep the casulties at the minimun. The game has an amazing stealth system and a great soundtrack. The graphics are stellar aswell. Oh and did i forget to mention, the illuminati is in this game. Have fun.

The walking dead game by telltale
In the walking dead game you are taking through this gray and dark world of the walking dead universe. With misery around every corner, this game might have been the saddest game i have ever played, but it was used in such a brilliant way. You play as the convict Lee who is in a car accident when he is on his way to the jail. He meets the young girl Clementine and they create this special father, daughter bond throughout the game. You really care about the a characters and the game really has an strong emotional effect on you. I am a sucker for a good story and that is also why this game is so high on the list, because it does have a really good and grim story. Its a point and click game so a lot of people might get put off by that, but i still think that the game is amazing.

Heavy rain
Now this game has a special place in my heart, as the best game i have ever played. Heavy rain is a QTE game so there is not much gameplay, and it is argueably an interactive movie but, oh my gosh it is an amazing game, that you have to try if you have a Playstation 3. You play as Ethan, who losses one of his sons in a car accident and ends up in a coma. He ends up getting divorced and blames himself for the death of his son. And when everything couldnt get worse, his other son gets kidnapped by the infamous origami killer. There are 4 main characters in the game Ethan mars, Scott Shelby the private investigater, Norman Jayden the FBI agent and Madison Paige a reporter. You follow these 4 characters and make choices and make your own story. In this game there is no failure state. If one of the characters die, they die for good and the story goes on without them. The game is fantastic, the story is great, the voice acting is amazing, the graphics are stellar and the soundtrack really sets the mood of the game. If you like a good story and well written characters then you will like Heavy rain
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