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Oct 24, 2013
Hey guys and girls, i would like to hear, if you guys wanted a weekly event, where you will be able to go on a special event server and play a game. These games are costum made games that you will find on no other server. I just want to hear if you guys would want that.
Oct 20, 2013
We should do a ping pong tournament :3 me, @tahatii, and @rhinoscooter1 made a game where the players have bows, they stand at one end of the table, and shoot each other until one player is killed. The one who survives wins. The thing is, there's a one block high wall between the players, and the players are only 5 blocks away from each other, so the wall creates a twist sort of, making it harder to hit the player on the other end. We would make a wall behind the players so they can only move from one side of the table to the other, and can't back up.
Jan 11, 2014
oh my goodness great idea muse!!! this would be wonderful and fun! Yes ping pong would be fun... also maybe dodge the tnt, where there are lots of dispensers/tnt cannons shooting tnt/fire charges at people, one at a time, and the people would have to dodge them. Also i think dodge ball would be fun, with snowballs that move really slow, and teams. Maybe even a game called "raid the village" where you have to steal as much stuff from the chests as possible. There could be different maps for it. Whoever has the most stuff at the end wins! also a mod arena where there are gates, and one person or 2 at a time goes out into the middle and kills them with kits they choose, sort of like in the movie gladiator. I could make the Colosseum for you. And in that game there could be spectator spots, so other players can sit and watch. Maybe pig races too. Please consider my ideas!
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