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Vi0n (VN)

Mar 1, 2022
So I planned on making a new game mode and it's called Elytra Wars.

Basically here's what it is:
- It's just a game where all players has Elytras, the main idea of the game mode is to PvP and sabotage others.

The Mechanics:
1. After a player has joined a match, they spawn in a platform inside their cages and when the match starts they spawn with Elytras, a 32 stack of fireworks, 32 stacks of concrete (based on the color of the team they are in) and a shears (lemme explain de shears later)

2. After the match has started there will be a 60 seconds grace period wherein the players fly around the map looting some chests with resources for survival.

3. After the grace period, the players will spawn in a giant flat platform where they will PvP (There will be a barrier blocking the players so they won't fall off or even get away from the platform. The PvP will last for 1 minute and 20 seconds.

(Oh and before the PvP even starts there will be a 5 second count down before they start literally killing each other)

4. After the PvP, the barrier will be removed and then the players are allowed to loot chests again (and yes while they PvP the chests are gonna reloot again). The looting of chest will on last for 60 seconds again.

5. After the grace period again, they will spawn back in the giant flat platform (with the barrier there of course) and PvP again that will last for about 1 minute and 20 seconds.

6. The cycle will repeat again and again till one player (or one duo or even squad) is left.

More info.

About the shears....
The players will spawn with shears to be used as a sabotage to shear the living heck out of the Elytras of their victims. When a player gets near to a another player there will be a button wherein it will say "shear wings" and when the person presses that button there will be a 5 second countdown (the time of the countdown is like how long you will take the flag in CTF gamemode). After the 5 seconds the did whose wings got sheared from them will be wingless...BUT their team or even squad can replenish that person's wings. If a player gets near to the person who lost their wings another button will appear and it will say "replenish wings" (another 5 second countdown will happen on how long the wings will be fixed again) The shears can be only used "3" times.
Be careful on using it ;)

The resources:
In those chests these are the things needed:

- Extra firework's if the fireworks in that players inventory runs out (the no. Of how many fireworks there will be in the chests are randomised)

- Enchanted armor, weapons are not allowed.

- Basically the resources in the chests can be like the resources just like in Skywars but without the enchanted stuff.

Custom Wings:

It depends on the developers or designers for the design of the custom Wings for the people who has rank of the gamemode or has etc. Ranks. But here's ideas from me...

- Butterfly wings
- Robotic Wings
- Nature Wings

In Elytra Wars there will only be Duos and Squads.

The game needs 16 players to start.

And for the other stuff like add ons of power ups it depends on the developers lol. (Don't ask me coz Idk what power ups to do XD)

But anyways....that's my idea for a new gamemode ;))

Vi0n (VN)

Mar 1, 2022
If there are any further questions please don't hesitate to ask me ^^

Oh and about the shears again. It will only last if that person who is trying to shear the an another did. It will only last in near proximity only ( this means u can shear that person's wings while chasing them )

small bob 294

May 15, 2021
I don’t know… cubecraft has a lot of games that are just looting chests and fighting. As good and fun as these are, I don’t know if I want to see another one. I feel that it’s the games like eggwars and lucky blocks that make the biggest impression on me, because they’re just different from the normal in Minecraft servers. I still think you came up with a cool game with some brilliant insight behind it.
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