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Jul 31, 2020
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I definitely think cubecraft should buff the emerald shop. Right now emeralds are pretty useless but with enough bumping I think the emerald shop will become worthwhile. Hopefully with editions down below they will become more useful

The time it takes to make emeralds is way to long so I’d like cubecraft to make it take less time.
Emerald generators will start at level 1 or 2 depending on the map.

Amount of Emeralds coming out

Level 1- 1 emerald every 12 seconds
Level 2- 1 emerald every 6 seconds
Level 3- 1 emerald every 3 seconds

Stuff needed to upgrade emerald generators

Level 1. 10 Diamonds
Level 2. 10 Emeralds
Level 3. 20 Emeralds

Now finally the additions for the Emerald Shop

Diamond sword Fire aspect 2. 5 emeralds
Lava bucket. 1 emerald
Water bucket. 1 emerald
15 cobwebs. 3 emeralds
5 Poison potion. 8 emeralds
5 Potions of harming. 10 emeralds
Flint and steel. 1 emerald
Flam bow. 5 emeralds
Diamond sword with sharpness 2 and fire aspect 1. 16 emeralds
Diamond sword with sharpness 5 and fire aspect 2. 32 emeralds

I would appreciate it if you react with Agree ✅ if you agree and react with disagree ❌ if you disagree. 25 Agrees and this thread gets forwarded.✨


May 19, 2021
it would be amazing to get the emeralds more use but pls i want that the generator generates even when ur not nearby
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