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Jun 28, 2020
Ever since emerald generators have been added to Eggwars, I have never used them other than just trying to see what the items do. After getting enough emeralds, I was left disappointed- it takes a long time to upgrade the generator only to be able to buy borderline useless items. Here’s what makes emeralds so bad:

-The generator costs 15 diamonds to initially repair, and most maps only have a single generator at the middle. This means that you are spending a lot of otherwise useful diamonds on something that will only be useful to the team controlling the middle.

-They take a horrendously long time to upgrade. The first level takes 150 seconds to generate enough emeralds for an upgrade. For comparison, it only takes 100 seconds to get a level 2 diamond generator (which is much more beneficial).

-Emerald generators don’t even work unless you are very close to them. This means that you must wait a boring 150 seconds standing on the generator, only to get the level 2 upgrade.

-Most of the items you can buy with emeralds are either very overpriced or extremely impractical. The only ones I can see being useful are the speed potion and leap feather, which are hardly beneficial in combat.

Because of this, I’m suggesting that a few tweaks be made to the emerald generator:

-It should start at level one at the beginning of the game. This way, players wouldn’t have to go out of their way to get its benefits.

-Either you shouldn’t have to be near it for it to work, or the first upgrade should only cost 5 emeralds. Anything that would make them less of a pain to farm would make things so much easier.

-Reduce the price of some of the items, and add some new ones. Even while the generator is at level 3, it still isn’t fast enough to buy very many items.

Here are some of my ideas for new, useful items:

-A “paintball”. It’s a snowball that converts any player-placed block it hits into your team’s colored clay. Could be thrown at another team’s obsidian or hay to make it much easier to break. Should cost around 8 emeralds on normal mode.

-“Infested stone”. When mined by the other team, it spawns a silverfish. This would make a great egg defense, as silverfish could help distract any intruders. Should cost around 4 emeralds.

-Some variant of a “bridge egg”. It creates a path of clay blocks in the direction thrown. I know this would be possible, considering that an item like this already exists in skywars chaos mode. It should cost around 16 emeralds, considering that it’s quite useful.

Even if you don’t plan on adding any of these, I would at least like for there to be some sort of buff to the emerald generator, as it’s really just a shame that so many cool items are locked behind a hard-to-obtain currency.

Void Krun

Jul 2, 2020
In the void
Im not sure about the gen starting at lvl 1 but the gen needs a much larger radius like the gen box at mid on Toys in duos so you can also get diamonds and gold.

For the prices they just need to be cut in half (for pots both 5 bcs theyre underrated and op).

The bridge egg would need to be a harder material then clay and would be practically useless considering you can just godbridge really easily on bedrock.


May 3, 2020
The Netherlands
I agree with you about the needed buff, but dont think they should add those ideas.
In my opinion, the best quality of CubeCraft are the simple concepts. There are no weird power ups or items like on the other servers (only the wall builder and ladder thing). If they add your ideas, people will be confused about some items and it would take out the whole simple concept.
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