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Nov 21, 2015
Gonna have to play the beta a bit to make sure, but oh god no to strength pots and weakness arrows. You thought bows were already a problem? AHAHAHA yeah.... You just made bhoppers more dangerous to even tryhards and bow spammers so much harder to take down.

Also, being able to take other players' tokens will remove lower-skill players' ability to gather diamonds off of mid. Tryhards control mid as a main strategy. If you make it *that* much more of a gamble for lesser-geared or lesser-skilled players to be able to make a mid run then you are just encouraging camping and more thorough stompings by tryhards.
The reason this is more of a gamble is this: Currently, a player can just run around mid and if they die no biggie just try again. BUT, with the potential for their gathered diamonds to just end up in the hands of the enemies they were trying to keep the diamonds from, then their efforts just become futile.

This token-theft will *entirely* change the strategies of the game. If you're looking to make it easier for tryhards to utterly dominate more than they are now, keep this. If you want to preserve the lower-skill player base then.... uh... no. Maybe keep that theft
number a lot smaller or just don't have it there at all.


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Jun 5, 2020
Cool changes. I will try Eggwars beta.


Jan 23, 2018
The Netherlands
I haven't played egg wars beta for a couple of days since I was busy with my exams but now I am finally able to play again! These changes really sound exciting! I was glad to read the changes to the cost of steak, it was always a pain in the back for me buying those expensive things xD One more highlight is the staircase change in Fairground, it's way easier now to have a quick start rather than walking such a distance around the island to be able to get to the villager. Now I am more ready than ever to defend my 69th place on the leaderboards and hopefully climb even further ;P As said somewhere under this thread though, I am curious how the strength potion(s) will turn out. Keep it up lads!
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