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    • I seem to be getting quite a bit of server lag time to time in games, I'm not sure if this can be fixed, but I'd love to see fixed..
    • I've gotten in a lot of situations where I'm the only one left on my team and I have to defeat a team that have their egg and they're all five camping, I know it might be part of the game but there is nothing I can do to actually win the game to be honest. (I still do win sometimes in these situations, but it's really annoying) So it would be really nice if something gets added that will make people not want to camp, or which will make it harder for them to camp. Maybe some sort of death match or something after a certain amount of time, or something which will make them have to leave their island..
    • This suggestion kind of follows my previous one, but I'd love to see a short timer on respawning or something similar which would make harder for the team to defend the egg, because it's really annoying to get in a situation where you're geared and you want to break someones egg and it's covered in obsidian, but the other team can respawn instantly and just keep on hitting you which makes it almost impossible to break the egg.
    • I'd suggest to get a better anti-hack or at least a better anti-fly, because I quite often hit people off their islands with my bow, but they just fly back up using hacks.
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    #1) We will be networking to other locations soon, so your lag issues will be solved.
    #2) Camping is bannable, if I recall correctly, so record them and report them.
    #3) That adds to the intensity to the game. I always follow by one strategy, run to another teams egg, kill them all, go to mid from there, get diamonds and get full iron and stuff and I win lol. But I do agree that there should be a revamp with something like this, like a health bar, but then that'll just encorporate Money Walls. So yeah it's not good.
    #4) Anti-hack is on its way. All our plugins are custom coded so it'll take a bit.