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    In this game there will be a overworld with strong armor and weapons where you need to get materials to get gear. Crafted armor provides less protection that armor you would find in dungeon chests.( full leather= no defense but speed boost and 1+ heart, chain= 1/2 an armor bar, iron = 1 bar and diamond = 1 and a 1/2 bars) There will be skills that you can upgrade such as workbenching( to get better gear from crafting, ex iron being able to have 2 bars of protection based on skill). Either there would be a warp to get to these dungeons or they would be naturally spawning. In these dungeons you can get better gear and things with effects(wither star= gives you strength and wither if held on the offhand) then dungeons keeps progressing in difficulty, first dungeon is barely beatable with level 1 crafted iron armor, then dungeons past 3 or 5 all monsters get speed 3 with resistance 1 making players take more hits.( level 1 crafted gear becomes basically useless after 2nd dungeon). Max people allowed in one dungeon is 3 on the beginning ones, 4 once they are ridiculously hard. To prevent people not being able to go to dungeons due to people crowding make it so that once you beat a dungeon there is a 20-40 minute cool down before you can do another dungeon. Class types are tinkerer(better crating level, but has weakness) tank(slowness and resistance) warrior( strength and - 1 heart) and finally archer(only class able to craft and use special arrows but can't hold anything on the offhand and has -2.5 hearts).