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Jan 23, 2021
I would say Efficiency and Fortune is better than Unbreaking in general
Gotcha. I’ve heard your one of the most avid skyblock player on the forums so I’ll take your word. This applies to both axes and picaxes correct? I currently am planning to only enchant up to lvl 5 for now.

Would you say I should get silk touch and fortune 4 for my axe and straight up fortune 5 for pic or should I get something else? And do you think I’ll need multiple axes with one with efficiency and one with fortune?
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I was going back home and there were 2 girls walking in front of me, the one looked like my old classmate and I literally waved at her, then realized it wasn't her and just a random girl.. they kept looking at me for like 10 seconds. It wasn't good.
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