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Did anyone else lose there points ?


Dec 14, 2013
I logged onto day and i didn't have any point is this just one of the bug that come a go or is it where the point got reset ?
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Kinda disappointed with the new game, Ender was way better, this game is just. Meh.
Jenskeboy wrote on Elenahh's profile.
Are you going to treat cookies in the translation team?
WIll theyre be a halloween sale or not kinda wanna know maybe someone know?
What a terrible new game lmao. Its soo boring how does cube think after making this that people will think its fun gonna have 10 players in a few days. You gotta mine in a pumpkin to replicate the pumpkin which you cant even see without flying up just boring not fun to do
UncleSpect wrote on _ThatMqurice's profile.
thanks for follow 😍
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