Detrimental Flaws: Is there a solution?

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  1. Mystic

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    Detrimental Flaws: Is there a solution?
    Please Vote Above, thanks!

    Good day CubeCrafters,
    In this post I will be discussing the most common topic throughout servers and Cube Craft is no exception: Hackers.

    This post focuses deeply on community members who cannot access the forum readily or at all due to many different reasons. As well as those who do not have access to recording software for similar reasons.

    Although Cube Craft is a wonderful server to spend time and play the huge variety of games and modes, it is certainly not perfect but this is through no fault of it’s own of course.

    A simple sifting through the Cube Craft community forum will support the above statement. This is a sad and terrible truth and many players/forum members have made their best (and worst) efforts to emphasize this and it seems the only response is typically: “Record the hackers and report them.”

    Interesting Points Made Here
    As much as this common reply is perfect in theory, it most certainly is not the best answer by a long shot. The majority of players on the Cube Craft network don’t even have Forum Accounts and/or Personal Emails and thus the likely-hood of them having a recording software: Minimal.

    Now there are multiple common responses to this;
    “Not Cube Craft’s problem.” (It certainly is.)
    “Get a recording software.” (Not all people are allowed or perhaps they cannot.)
    “Use your phone.” (Perhaps they cannot…)

    Do you notice the pattern of useless responses used by the thousands of members and staff alike?

    Simply thinking about the wide audience that not only Cube Craft is open to but Minecraft as a whole, it is obvious that with a game with almost no age recommendation and low specs, the audience spectrum is absolutely vast and for that reason, not one player can be expected to be the same as another and so neither can one player’s hardware, permission, intelligence and abilities be compared to anyone else’s.

    I hope so far I have grabbed your attention and you are able to see the perspective of all player types in this community.

    I know of players of all different ages and all of which have different situations at home that stop and/or allow them to do many different things on their computers. Thus the simple pre-discussed responses do not suffice.

    Having all this in mind, it is now where I ask the hundreds of supporters I know are within this community that have (and have not) shared their ideas and suggestions to this problem to do so or simply support this post but I will now suggest my own ideas below that perhaps may be a step in the right direction to combat the inevitable hackers.

    My suggestions do not involve ‘improving anti-cheat’ or ‘more staff’. In fact; my ideas are not original and are used by many other communities and seem to have success.

    More interest from Community: Report/Flag Command; Not all reports need to be responded to timely but I think when and if staff are available, they can choose to which they attend to and if this is for whatever reason not a viable option, then the current Anti-Cheat system could perhaps have a ‘Flagged’ method where players with high volumes of reports are either ‘Flagged’ to human staff or the Anti-Cheat ‘Watches’ more closely to ‘Flagged’ players.

    Least Interest from Community: I know this idea has been brushed off in every occurrence I have seen it shared on this community but I truly believe it will help somewhat and it will gain the trust again of players who have given up hope on the prevention of hackers.
    The Report Command! (I warned you, super original…)

    The report command is not a waste of time, players find this command more reliable and efficient than reporting players on the forum. It also allows players with no access to the forum to share their report and concern timeously and most commonly; while the offender is most-likely still mid-offence.

    Below I have linked a small bundle of images that show the amount of suggestions made by other community members that have been brushed off with the exact pre-mentioned responses. These images were all found from posts made within this week; clearly representing the shear amount of concern about this issue.
    The Imgur Link [Click Here]

    Thank you so very much if you have taken your time to read through this lengthy post. I hope more supporters of this cause will emerge and show and share their suggestions or general support.

    Thanks again Cube Craft,
    See you in game!

    - Christopher (Mysticle).
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  2. Qin Shihuangdi

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    A report command would still be heavily abused. We don't have enough staff to tend to everything and there would be an overload of false reports.
  3. iLoveYouu

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    I personally believe that the report command is one of the best solutions. CubeCraft has had this command before, but it just wasn't efficient as staff members couldn't teleport to hackers that got reported and there were a ton of fake reports. I think that if staff members get the ability to teleport and spectate the players that get reported. If someone would make a fake report they could get a warning point and if they fake it again they won't be able to use the command anymore? But then again there would probably be way too many fake reports etc. So I think the only solution would be creating a good anti-cheat or at least upping the punishment time as currently hackers get only banned for a week on their first punishment.
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  4. Mystic

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    Firstly; thanks for the swift reply.
    Secondly; you make a good point. Reading about the new (Hopefully) soon to be implemented Anti-Cheat, perhaps the other option using the flagged method would be preferable over the staff-orientated response.
  5. hgbf

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    I don't really support the report command. This is mainly because the staff members aren't robots and can't look for hackers 24/7. However, some points you make are actually really good. The flag system would possibly work, but as a separate command (/flag player?). With this, staff members could possibly spectate frequently flagged players when they get bored.

    Before I end this post I want to give you some credit for making one of the best posts I've seen in a while ;)
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  6. Despacito 2

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    Yay another post about this... Hackers are amusing especially when they get banned...
    Should report them too... That 's how you get rid of them ;)
    No report command .-.
  7. heroBravo

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    I'll give one solution that will fix the hacker problem: temporarily allow hacks on Cube to ensure everyone doesn't have an unfair advantage over another until a cheat detector comes out. Heck, I'll even wait until the admins and staff finally announce, "We will temporarily allow hacks on our server due to the sheer number of hackers on our server." What this means is that hacking will not be bannable, but other rules still exist. Even other (anarchy) servers allow hacks.
  8. Mac

    Mac Member

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    There will never be a report command. If you think staff are unable to handle the amount of forums reports there are right now, just wait until they are getting spammed every second of the day with in game reports.

    We are working on improving the anti cheat and the punishment system. These changes should be applied very soon and should help with the hacker issue.

    Also I am locking this thread. And before anyone says I am cutting off a discussion, I have just answered the post and there is no longer need for discussion on the topic.
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