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Dec 3, 2021
Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
In the game Skywars, I tried to break glass block at the start of the game but is there delay. I'm shooting arrows to player to kill but is there a delay.

In next game called lucky island, when I approach to a player to kill, I can't move and when I double press the forward button and I can see the FOV that I'm sprint but I can't move or aim anything then after that, when I fight a player I noticed that player is floating in the air for few seconds for no reason.

My ping is 3ms and the server ping is 30ms. 30-40ms is enough to me but I experienced delay in this game.

Skywars footage:
Lucky island (slowed footage):


Jul 13, 2021
Yh I have been experiencing this recently as well and iv never had lag backs or delays ever since i started playing on cubecraft which was about 6 months ago. I always wonder if its got anything to do with the servers recent expansion towards Asia.
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Yeh, I've been experiencing it quite a bit. Sometimes it's down to my connection with my WiFi, sometimes it is, as @ShahsMC said, CubeCraft's servers fault. When the new lobby went live, I was so leggy and delayed in my actions. I play on Switch, famous, at least for me and my friend, for being leggy! My friend, who plays on Switch too, in a totally different part of the country, found it that as well. So did my other friend.
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