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dear cubecraft staff

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May 6, 2014
Dear cubecraft staff,

why do u ALL hate meh so much, because today I was banned for SPAM! so i had to create another account! You could show meh what I did to create spam and I would deal with it! But even if I created spam NONE of u warned meh, NONE of you even said to meh, u are spamming to much, please stop! Even friends which I have known and loved talking to have stopped talking to meh now! (@Aimee2323 @Parvati12 !!!)!!! And last of all, why do u want meh to dissapear from ur server, I donated £100 for nothing, because it all dosnt even matter now! some staff members are kind to meh, and i say thank you :) but some other staff members bully me everyday and i come on here to have fun and forget about school but u made it just like it for meh, i only have a few friends, nearly everyone hates meh and bullies and nearly everyone wants meh to go away and never come back, all staff ever did to meh was make this a living hell. one time i commented on something that had nothing to do with the staff, and i got a message from staff saying 'please dont offend staff ' !

i am sorry for the staff who have been kind to me (@Claudia @SevereWarning ) and i am also sorry to the staff i havent met and i hope i didnt offend u :)

yours sincerely

awesomepingu2005 :D


Nov 14, 2013
Don't be rude, even though I'm nice to you, one may be mean and the other nice, but you have to forgive them. What you did was wrong and that was that fact. Also, spamming could be tolerated if you have broken rules before.
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