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Oct 20, 2013
Well, I started as a noob wanting parkour, and soon cubecraft made me cry over it, as I never managed to finish the clouds 1 parkour... The closest I got was to the 4th last jump... And then, I decided I wanted to donate. By this I thought for iron, you put a stack of iron in the ender chest. Then because I was a noob by now I'd spent all my money on iron and the protection plugin was broken, so I had no iron either. Eventually I met @SGTkuzey and @rubik_cube_man, I became close friends with those and later on met @ccaagg and minecraftboy108.

Later on through the days/months, I realised how donate (XD) and I wanted to (and I wanted a rubik head. haha) So @SGTkuzey told me if I donated, I he would give me a rubik head, so I did - why not? xD

But then... Once I'd donated (iron) I was accused of fraud because I had used my dads paypal (with permission of course). So I finally convinced rubik to give me the rank and I was so happy.

Then, I met more people, such as The_Pro_Miner_9, etc, and he convinced me to donate to gold (he was mod). Subsequently, I did get it, (with no accusations of fraud xD). And I was really happy. So me and rubik skyped and played a game called the "Parkour Minigame" which I'm sure you're all familiar with now, though it was really new to the server back then.

About 2 months later, I wanted a higher rank Butter_Commander got diamond, and I realised how good the perks were, so I thought: "Why not?" and got diamond.

But as soon as I got diamond... I was VERY shocked... Rubik asked if he could tp me to him, so I said "Okay" and he did, I was tped to a room in the cave I was not familiar with, the "Mod rules" - I was very excited. Around 2 hours later, rubik said in chat "Divvy?" And I said "Yes?" And I saw the Mod prefix. :O

I realised that we were getting a new server spawn very soon, but this was all about to be turned over from happiness...

The server was DDoSed (google if you don't know what that is) and all players we're very upset. We couldn't go on CubeCraft for 2 days :O but thankfully, @halothe23 saved the server by sacrificing his own and provided us with a new server and the spawn, we'd lost many players by now.

Later, things got better and the CubeCraft network got better. And I wanted to donate YET AGAIN, to emerald! This was a huge thing, as I was the 3rd ever emerald donator! I don't know what happend, but many other people decided to donate too. I found this a VERY good thing.

Life was very good on CubeCraft, as we were getting new servers by the day, such as SkyBlock, KitPvP and Creative.

Through times, CubeCraft eventually got a NEW lobby - yet again! This one was better, bigger, and more bootyful than the last! Me and @LaserDolphin77 were in love, I stayed in the lobby for around 1 full day once. o_o I know. XD

Even closer to now, I got ADMIN! I was very sad though, as I was demoted later on, but I still was mod. :D

And now, I am here, playing CubeCraft, meeting new people. And posting this to you now!
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