Dan9er's Survival Diary

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    Day 1

    Woke up next to a small pond. Horses are around me. I have no idea where I am or how I got here.
    Immediately looked around for trees, but see none in close proximity. Appears i'm in a plain, with a jungle across a river.
    Collected 14 sugarcane next to the river.
    Crossed the river to the savanna, which i once thought was a jungle from far away.
    Killed a pig next to the water. Poor thing.
    Immediately started punching trees.
    Collected 20 logs. Cuted them into 80 planks.
    Not a cliff face in sight. I will have to burn logs for charcoal.
    Built a crafting table. Need tools to get stone for furnace.
    I spot a hilly forest in the distance! Ran to it.
    No hilly forest, just a big hill.
    Ate the porkchop. I didn't eat pork before i was stranded here, but I was too hungry to run.
    Decided to build a hut on top of the hill. I have plenty of wood.
    Killed another pig. I need it's body more than it does.
    Looked up at the sun. Past midday now.
    Made a wood sword, pick and axe. Now working on hut.
    Made 3 doors with 6 wood. Wood supply is gone, but I made a 2 metre high surounding wall. I didn't make a roof because of lack of wood.
    Now going to mine off the side of the hill. Need a furnace.
    Thank the heavens! Found coal inside the hill. Reminded myself to never dig straight down.
    While mining coal, I sensed darkness. I stop mining for today.
    Exiting the mine, saw the sunset. I need to get back to the hut!
    Got back to the hut safely. Crafted a furnace.
    Crafted 12 torches!
    Placed most of my torches in and around my hut.
    Nightfall. Good thing I found coal.
    Drew my sword. Who knows whats lurking out there...
    Crafted a chest. Placed some items I don't need right now in it.
    Full moon tonight.
    Cooked my last porkchop. It's better cooked.
    Burned my logs into charcoal.
    I hear something. Monsters close.
    It can't get into my hut for some reason. Good for me.
    Grew careless and took a peek of the monster by going on top of the walls of my hut. It shot me in the face with what looks like to be a arrow.
    Used the last of my wood and a few stone to make a stone sword. Planning to assault the monster.
    It's gone! But how??
    I wait for the night to end. Meanwhile, I take inventory: 6 cobblestone, 11 coal, 6 charcoal, 4 torches, 3 sticks, 1 door, 3 dirt, 14 sugarcane, a seed, and some tools.

    Day 2
    Sunrise. The warm glow coming up the horizon comforts me.
    Went to resume mining off the side of my hill.
    Spotted a green monster at the bottom of the hill. Must investigate.
    Slayed the foul beast! It looked like it was about to explode!
    I spot another green monster. En garde!
    It blew up in front of me, making a big hole. Luckily, I was not hurt.
    Collected some dirt inside the hole to patch it.
    Back to mining!
    I also saw a cave opening at the bottom of the hill. Good, but maybe later.
    Mined the rest of the coal.
    Found some granite. Useless.
    My pick broke in my hands. About time I upgrade it.
    Went back to my hut.
    Crafted a stone pick.
    Decided to get more wood for my hut.
    Past midday.
    Slayed a pig.
    Ran down the hill too hard. Ow.
    I spot some bunnies and pigs. Where are the sheep dammit?!
    I see 2 pumpkins. I know these are very rare in the wild. Collected them.
    Another pumpkin under a tree!
    Went back to chopping trees.
    Collected a poppy. A symbol of remembrance in my homeland.
    I spot 3 chickens. I have seeds...
    A great idea hits me!
    Sundown. Oh no.
    I and a new friend reached the hut safely. I must work quickly to avoid losing him.
    Crafted 28 oak logs into planks.
    Started raising the walls of my hut.
    The bird makes a beeline over the wall, thanks to my chest.
    Thankfully, I coaxed it with the seeds again.
    I blocked his escape routes. Looks like its staying with me for good, but I need another one of his kind to start a chicken farm.
    My hut walls are now 3 meters high. Hazzah!
    Cooked 2 porkchops. I have a strong sense of inception...
    It's just me, my friend, and the monsters outside. Another night of waiting.
    I've got to say, I did a very good job placing torches outside my hut. Not a single monster on my hill!
    I look down the hill. That was a bad idea. I fear for my life.
    I place a few more torches outside.
    Back inside, where it's safe.
    My friend layed a egg!
    Darkness. I feel very lonely sometimes, but not as much since I got my friend.
    I trim the grass inside my hut. I should make a proper floor sometime.
    As I went to go outside, my friend almost escaped. You are very eager, you know?!

    Day 3
    New day, new chances.
    Went outside, and my friend tried to escape again. That's it, you are going in the pen!
    Crafted some fence and a fence gate.
    Placed a fence connecting to my hut. Ran out, need to craft more.
    My friend laid another egg.
    Finished the fence.
    Cut a hole in my hut.
    Lured my friend into the pen and placed the fence gate in the hole. That's what you get.
    I spot a desert in the distance. Maybe I should get some sand.
    There is a small stream off shooting from my hill. It doesn't look natural...
    I cross the river.
    This dessert is very small!
    I spot a real forest in the distance. Chopping time!
    More chickens.
    A burning monster!!
    It jumped into the river. I slay it.
    I frantically punch at grass to get a seed. If nothing supernatural happens, I should be able to lure another chicken into my hut's pen by sundown.
    Note to self: chickens are useless in water.
    I found another flock of chickens. I managed to lure 2.
    I got back to the hut by sundown, as planned. One of the chickens didn't make it up the hill.
    I push the second chicken into the pen.
    I cut my logs into planks.
    I feed my chickens with some seeds.
    What's going on??
    They made a baby! Aw...
    If this continues, I will need a bigger pen. I should do that now.
    Crafted 30 fences.
    Built the new fence.
    My axe breaks with the last of the old fence.
    Crafted a fence gate, and placed it outside.
    More eggs.
    I burned my wood sword to smelt 6 sand into glass.
    I placed the rest of the sand next to the 2 ponds right next to my hut.
    Is that coal under the pond?
    I realized the half moon is setting. Time flies when you are busy!

    Day 4
    Sunrise. I barely notice it.
    I place a glass window on the wall with the chickens.
    Maybe I should work on a roof. About time...
    Finished the roof. There is no guarantee this hut will be permanent.
    I remembered my sugar cane.
    I placed my sugar cane on the sand next to my ponds.
    I'm hungry...
    I see a bunch of pigs on the savanna below.
    Killed them.
    I'm very hungry. But I need to cook the meat.
    I feel like my body is eating itself!
    That was a close one.
    Made a stone ax and a wood hoe.
    Night again. Will I ever be rescued?
    2 more eggs. I throw them in despair.
    WHAT! Impossible. My coop has a new member.
    I breed my adult chickens. 3 chicks are in my pen.
    No. Not another green monster. Not on my hill.
    Slayed the beast. You monster.
    Gunpowder? Whatever...
    I've ran out of wood.
    Quickly chopped a tree and crafted into planks.
    Now, about that floor...
    Ran out of planks. I just need one more.
    Made a window in the direction the sun sets, so i can keep track of it.
    Used the leftover wood to patch the hole in the floor. Exellent.

    Day 5
    Sun. I decide to devote this entire day to mining.
    Used the last of my wood to make 20 torches.
    Looked around for a cave opening.
    I decided to go down the one I found 3 days before.
    2 greenies greet me. They both blow up.
    A zombie comes out of nowhere!
    Killed it. I went down the path it apparently came from.
    Found 17 more coal.
    There is nothing else in the cave. Dammit.
    Killed a cow. It's good to have variety in your diet.
    Another chicken... Where are the seeds?
    I have yet another chicken in my pen. 6 in total.
    Make that 8, post breeding.
    I see another cave opening in the desert. Great!
    AHHH! What was that!?
    I killed the skeleton that shot me. Twice.
    3 zombies dead.
    IRON! Now I can make REAL tools!
    Now this is a real cave! But I'm afraid I will get lost...
    More iron. Sand falls where it once stood.
    Only one tunnel continues. I follow it.
    Yet more iron.
    So far, this tunnel hasn't branched off yet. Good for me.
    Dead end. I guess that's that.
    Night. ****.
    Back in my house.
    I cook some meat and smelt some sand. Just a preparation for the amount of iron i'm going to smelt! Today is a good day.
    Chickens multiply. 9 now.
    I'm bored. Might as well make a sketch of my house.
    The iron is done. Time to craft!
    I realise: I have no wood. I will go chopping tomorrow.
    It's been a while since I took inventory. Anyway: 1 door, 2 diorite, 1 dandelion, 28 fence, 4 glass, 42 dirt, 4 sand, 2 gunpowder, 6 rotten meat, 6 saplings, 8 sugarcane, 1 poppy, 3 pumpkins, 1 seed, 2 arrows, 20 cobblestone, 2 eggs, 1 granite, 1 wood plank, 9 torches, 16 eggs, 11 iron, stone ax, sword and pick; wood hoe, 3 steak and 15 porkchops.

    Day 6
    Sunrise. I'm tired of waiting the night out. I need wool. Badly.
    I craft some shears. Shearing is better than killing, because no blood gets on the wool!
    I should also get more wood. And do you know whats the best place to find sheep and wood? The forest!
    I make a waterfall out of one of my ponds.
    I head to the forset and started choping trees.
    My eyes must be playing tricks on me! Is that... no it can't be!
    It's a village. Civilization!!! I need to move my house...
    Found some bones on the ground.
    Where is my house??
    Killed a black bunny. It's bad luck to let it live.
    I must get back to my house!
    I spot the waterfall I created. Thank goodness.
    I have 64 logs!
    Swimming up the waterfall...
    Back in my house.
    Crafted my logs into... uh oh.
    I need annother chest.
    Sundown. This is the last day I will live on this hill.
    Fead my chickens. I will need as much eggs as I can to start a new coop. There is no way i'm bringing 12 chickens accross a river! That whould take forever.
    I made a cross outside my old home. I put some random Latin on it.
    I should start packing up.

    Day 7
    The sun rises as I pay my last respects to the house that felt like home. Moving day.
    I don't have the heart to kill my chickens. So I just let them free from their pen and into my old house.
    Down the waterfall.
    Across 2 rivers.
    I spot the village.
    I hear lava? But there are no pools in sight!
    I'm finally at the village. My new home.
    Hopefully these villagers won't mind if I claim a house.
    I spot a priest stuck in his church, which looked like it sunk into the ground. I took pity and helped the poor fellow.
    Among the villagers, a saw a sheep. The first sheep I saw since I woke up. I sheared it without thinking.
    I picked a L-shaped house. This will be my new home.
    I made a huge mistake. I left my coal in the furnace at my old home. I will have to go back.
    I crafted a new crafting table.
    I crafted 2 chests and placed some items in it.
    The sheep is back. I shear it again.
    I craft a bed. Finally!
    I craft a bukkit. Now I can start a farm.
    Night. But I can't rest just yet.
    Some of the villagers are offering some very good deals. For example: an iron axe for 6 emeralds!
    I craft an iron sword and pick.
    I hear zombies. Maybe moving wasn't such a good idea...
    This place is INFESTED with zombies! The villagers need a hero!
    Greenies as well! My hill never had a problem like this! Maybe because it was so well lit...
    Zombie knocking on my door? Decapitation!
    There's a tiny one! No match for me!
    Skeletons! FUUUUUUUUUUUU
    A greenie in the well blew up. Strangely, it didn't do any damage.
    A strange dark figure looks at me. I look back.
    It runs at me! I quickly drew my sword and stabbed it in the face.
    And then it picked up some dirt. What.
    It attacks me again! I slay it. Good riddance.

    Day 8
    The sun finally rises on what seemed like the longest night ever.
    This village is very poorly made. There is a farm inside a crevasse. Wow.
    Eeek! A giant spider! Die!
    Another black figure is on top of my roof! Argh!
    Killed another spider.
    I started doing renovations to my house. First, I need a place for my chickens.
    Killed more spiders.
    Crafted a stone shovel to make the chore go faster.
    I have leveled the ground out.
    Crafted a fence gate and placed it in a opening in my home.
    It started to rain while I was placing the fence.
    Thunderstorms tonight.
    Did something blow up!?
    Sheared 2 sheep.
    A spider attacks me without warning! I destroyed it.
    Monsters!? In the daytime!?! I'm screwed.
    Sheared some more sheep.
    I got to get back to my home!
    It's nighttime. Again.
    This time, I slept in my bed. For the first time I experienced comfort.

    Day 9
    I wake up to a beautiful morning. The rain stopped. Today will be the day my chickens flourish.
    Crafted another gate. I placed it outside.
    Time for my coop to wake up out of their eggs.
    Managed to hatch 6 chicks out of 38 eggs.
    Claimed a wheat farm. I need to close it off from tramplers.
    The previous owner was foolish enough to forget to harvest his crops. I got 20 wheat, 58 potatoes and 43 seeds.
    I plan on adding a second floor to my house.
    I started cutting away the roof of my house.
    Sundown. This time I didn't take any chances. To bed!

    Day 10
    Today i'm going to finish the roof. Too bad my axe broke the day before. Got to make a new one.
    I crafted a stone ax.
    Continued work on the roof.
    I saw a buffoon run in my field.
    I slapped him silly! Or dead...
    Started making the second floor walls.
    Crafted 6 ladders. Placed them on the first floor wall.
    Sundown. Bedtime.

    Day 11
    So many days just to reno my home. Life is boring in times like these.
    I place some items in my chest.
    My chickens have matured. Seed time!
    3 new chicks.
    I place the rest of the seeds in my farm.
    I continued to build the second floor walls.
    I finished the walls! now making the roof.
    Ran out of planks.
    Got more planks from my chest.
    Fell down 4 times in a row.
    Threw a egg in the air. A baby chick hatched where I didn't want it to be.
    Sundown. Bed.

    Day 12
    I need to get my coal back this morning.
    I rush back to my old house. Why, oh why did I have to leave my coal in the furnace?
    Up the waterfall.
    I go into my old house. Maybe I can get something else other than coal.
    One of my chickens has died! I decide to let them all go free.
    I take the coal. And the furnace. And the crafting table. And the chest. And the sugarcane.
    I mine the coal under the pond.
    I leave my old home. Forever.
    Down the waterfall.
    I kill a cow on the way back.
    I see a tiny island with sugarcane off the coast. I go there and harvest the cane.
    Hello sheep. Shear!
    I explore the village.
    I find a library. Maybe I should learn more about this world.
    Huh. The "greenies" I saw before are actually called Creepers. This place is strange.
    Back to renovating my house.
    I throw 3 eggs in my coop. No chicks.
    Sundown again?! Why do I feel the days are getting shorter...
    A villager takes refuge in my house tonight.

    Day 13
    Get out of my house you pervert!
    Back to the roof.
    I've ran out of stairs (...?).
    I craft more.
    My ax breaks. I make another stone one.
    I make more stairs.
    I run out of stairs by sundown. I swear the days are getting shorter!

    Day 14
    I wake up to another boring day. But as long as nothing supernatural happens, I will finish the roof today.
    I cut a hole in my wall and tried to push the chicken out, but I killed it in the process.
    I've finished the roof! I'm proud!
    I smelt glass and cook some meat.
    Note to self: Get wood.
    I bake potatoes. About 50 of them.
    I place the glass on my roof as a skylight.
    Sundown. Today was a good day.

    Day 15
    I've almost run out of wood making the second floor to my house. Today, I will go chopping.
    Only one tree next to the coast. I will need to go further.
    Took some abnormally high sugarcane next to the coast.
    Killed 3 wild chickens.
    Another unlucky black bunny.
    The thought of breeding sheep comes to me while I shear one.
    Found a forest. Started cutting oak.
    I hear monsters!
    Found 2 cave openings. I mark them with a dirt tower.
    Make that 3. At least I don't have to travel far to mine.
    My ax breaks. Guess i'm done chopping today.
    I plant 5 saplings.
    I spot a bat. I'm not afraid of them, but they are sure are annoying.
    I coax 3 wild chickens to my pen by sunset.
    I coax 3 more chickens. That brings the total to 15. The clucking is becoming deafening...
    My potatoes are done baking!
    I chop 92 logs into 6 stacks of planks. I store them in the chest.
    Bedtime. Tomorrow I will explore the caves I found.

    Day 16
    Good morning chickens.
    I get ready to go mining.
    I harvest my crops. 19 wheat and 31 seeds.
    I breed my chickens. 6 new members.
    I plant the rest of my seeds.
    To mining! I have a water bucket in case I go too deep.
    I craft torches. You can never have too many torches.
    I spot the beacon I made yesterday.
    I go in the first cave.
    Coal. And a opening above. It's good to have natural light in a cave.
    The first monsters of the expedition. A skeleton and a spider.
    A skeleton shoots me while I was mining coal. I kill it and a spider. Now I hear a LOT of monsters.
    Looks like I will have to sterilize this area before I can mine.
    All of the monsters have disappeared.
    This is a very complex cave. My greatest fear is getting lost...
    Lot's of coal and iron. I will be here for a while.
    Damm annoying bats!
    So many ores, so little time.
    It's now night. I should head back. Plus, i'm running low on torches.
    Exited the cave. It's been stripped of it's ores.
    Killed a spider.
    I made a foolish mistake and hit a creeper. There are 3 of them on my tail now.
    One of the creepers blow up, killing another creeper and a chicken. I hate creepers.
    I kill the third one.
    Another night of monsters. I need to fortify this village, or they will never survive a single night!
    A creeper catches me off guard and blows up, destroying parts of 2 houses. Now I need to rebuild!
    I kill the rest of the invaders.
    I made it back to my home. I got 105 coal and 27 iron.
    I need to think on how to fortify the village... I should sleep on it.

    Day 17
    I wake up with a idea. Make a wall!
    I smelt my iron.
    I hear a villager in trouble!
    I killed a creeper and a zombie that was terrorizing a villager. I really need to fortify this place.
    I start by fixing the houses.
    Houses fixed. I need a axe.
    Crafted a axe. Now going to build a 3-metre high wall.
    Ran out of wood by sunset. The wall is around 25% done.
    I need more wood for this wall. Tomorow.

    Day 18
    No wood means no wall. No wall means no protection. No protection means bye bye village. Where is my axe?
    I head out to go cut trees. Not for me, but for the village.
    I went to the forest, and started cutting trees.
    A skeleton pokes it's head out of a cave. Huge mistake.
    Another cave.
    I jump down off a cliff. I use a water bucket to dampen the fall.
    Another cave, hidden under the forest pond!
    My axe breaks. Again.
    Back to the village. Almost 2 stacks of wood.
    That translates to a little over 6 stacks of planks.
    And it's night again. Bed.

    Day 19
    Must continue building wall.
    Harvested my wheat. 15 bundles and 22 seeds.
    Breeded chickens. 6 more chicks.
    Dug some sand.
    Repurposed a plot of my farm for sugarcane.
    Made a stone ax.
    Continued to build the wall.
    Killed a black bunny.
    Sundown, but don't care.
    Finished almost half the wall. Deb.

    Day 20
    Did I write "deb" last night? This place is messing with my head...
    Contined to build the wall.
    Sundown. I almost finished the wall.

    Day 21
    I must finish the wall today.
    Two of my chickens have died! Maybe a skeleton shot them? I fear for my prized chickens.
    Threw 17 eggs. No chicks.
    Continued to build the wall.
    Ran out of wood. To the woods, quickly!
    I found the the saplings I planted a few days before have grown into tees.
    I got 1.6 stacks of wood.
    Rushed back to the village.
    The wall is done. It took 3 day of nonstop work, but it's done. I should make a gate.
    I work on making the wall higher so no villager can jump over it.
    Ran out of wood.
    Rushed to the woods.
    Sundown. Must hurry!
    The new moon rises. The villagers should be safe. Should.
    I see a zombie. I strike it down.
    Another zombie. Eat iron!
    I see a black figure. En guarde!
    I'm not sure how I did it, but the black figure is dead.
    I have a few stacks of assorted wood.
    I'm back at the village. Not a single monster is sight! Before, this village was teamming with monsters around this time!
    Continued to reinforce the wall.
    The wall is done. All it needs is a gate. I heard the iron doors can only be opened using a button or lever.
    What!? A zombie knocks on the door of a house. Imposible! I built the wall...
    A creeper almost explodes on the church! WTF
    Skeletons everywhere!
    I killed all of the monsters. I'm so done. Bed.

    Day 22
    I don't understand. I built the wall, but there are still monsters inside the village? How can this be? My old hill rarely had monsters. Why? I should think about this for a while.
    I heard one of my chickens die!
    Not one of mine. Maybe it was a wild one.
    I foolishly craft 15 fence gates instead of fences. Goodbye 64 birch planks.
    I throw 3 eggs at a villager in anger.
    I will go the forest today, as I'm out of wood and stone.
    I craft a iron helmet, chestplate, leggings and a extra sword.
    I head out to the forest.
    I fill my bucket with water on the way.
    Second cave.
    I forgot to make torches. No matter, I will make more here.
    I make a stack of torches with just one tree and the coal I just found.
    More coal, but this cave is very steep.
    I found a new cave system connecting this one.
    More coal.
    Iron. I make a bridge to to it, being very careful not to fall into the lava below.
    There is a more complex and deeper passage below, but i'm not going to risk burning myself or getting stuck.
    I go into the other cave system. Much more shallower for my liking!
    A split in the road. I go right.
    Another split. I go straight.
    Dead end.
    I go the other way in the second split.
    Hazzah! It leads to the bottom of the pit that I saw before!
    I see a zombie, but it doesn't see me. It's too hard to reach, so I don't bother with it.
    My pick breaks! Must get out of here!
    A zombie is in one of the empty coal veins I mined out. It's dark in there...
    I slay the zombie.
    It's the dead of night!
    A zombie greets me just outside the village. I don't take it kindly.
    Two tiny zombies at the church! I slay them.
    I smelt my iron.
    To bed. I know EXACTLY how to stop the monsters from coming in the village.

    Day 23
    My old hill was well lit. This village has a bunch of dark spots. Darkness means monsters! I need to craft torches, and lots of them!
    Wait, I already have lots of torches!
    I place almost all of them around the wall. Nighttime will reveal the dark spots.
    I harvested my sugarcane.
    I moved my bed upstairs.
    So many eggs.
    I throw all of them for chicks. 16 chicks out of a little over 9 stacks of eggs.
    Harvested wheat and planted seeds.
    I need a more efficient way of getting eggs.
    I forgot to get wood yesterday. Going to the forest now!
    Placed some saplings inside the village. Maybe they will grow into a new forest.
    A tree grew in front of me! WHAT!
    Sunset. But this time, I'm ready for the monsters. Bring it on!
    Axe breaks. AGAIN. I'm getting an iron one.
    I fight the monsters outside the village. I'm ready!
    The wall works! A zombie couldn't get in!
    Is that a villager outside the village?
    AHH! Witch! She poisoned me!
    I almost died getting back to the village!
    I light up the dark areas with torches.

    Day 24
    Sunrise. I fought throughout the entire night.
    I place my wood and my loot in my chest.
    I need a little bit of cobblestone for a button.
    Got some under a gravel path.
    The villagers are clustering around me, like they want to trade with me.
    I can't use cobblestone, it's too loose. I must smelt the stones together.
    The heavens open up above me.
    I craft some torches.
    I heard a priest is buying rotten flesh...
    I sold all of my rotten flesh for an emerald. Hey, it was the best deal I could find.
    I craft a button. Time to make the village gate!
    Made a simple village gate: An iron door, a button on the outside, and a lever on the inside. This will do.
    Nighttime in the rain. No darkness shall escape the light of my torches.
    Even with the village and the chickens, I feel very lonely. I miss my homeland.
    I craft some fences and fenced in my farm. No more tramplers!
    I head down to the library to do more reading.
    Zombies outside the wall. Where they should be.
    Another black figure. Looks like it HATES the rain.
    Spiders appear in a dark spot. Not anymore.

    Day 25
    Sunrise. The village survived through the night. This village is safe now.
    A bunch of houses are missing doors. Time to fix that.
    It has stop raining.
    Crafted a iron pick, axe, and boots.
    I harvested my sugarcane.
    I heard I can make paper out of sugarcane. I remember the crafting recipe from a book at the library.
    Made 66 paper!
    I cook some chicken.
    I get a sheep inside the village by the rise of the full moon.
    I get the sheep inside my pen, but at the expense of all of my chickens running free. Come back, I have seeds for you!
    IMPOSSIBLE! When I coaxed the sheep, it couldn't get through the gate. now it just walked out like its nothing! Animals are stupid.

    Day 26
    Got the sheep in by sunrise. I used dirt as a one way stepstool into the pen, and the sheep followed.
    Baked some bread.
    Cooked chicken.
    A villager tries to jump on me, but he killed himself! Damm tricksters.
    I head out to get another sheep.
    Where are the sheep?
    Didn't find any sheep, but I did find cows.
    Sundown. Got to get back to the village.
    A skeleton and zombie!
    My sword breaks! Good thing I made a new one earlier!
    Back in the village. Where it's safe, thanks to me.
    Good night.

    Day 27
    Good morning.
    Threw an egg on the outside pen wall. A chick suffocated in the wall.
    I want cows in my pen. I saw some yesterday.
    Headed out.
    Killed a spider.
    Dug some dirt under the river to make a bridge over the river.
    Punched a cow out of the river.
    Coaxed a cow into my pen.
    Built a well in my house.
    Harvested my wheat.
    Planted seeds.
    Harvested sugarcane.
    Crafted a bow. Now I can give those skeletons a taste of their own medicine!
    My second floor could need some windows.
    Went out to get sand.
    Killed 2 zombies.
    I see 2 zombies knocking on the village gate. I snipe them with my bow.
    A third zombie with gold armor!
    I slay them all!
    I looted it's helmet and chestplate.
    Inside the village.
    Smelting 36 sand into glass.
    Good night.

    Day 28
    I wake to the sound of one of my chickens getting killed!
    Why are they dying!? Did I forget to feed them?
    Harvested wheat.
    Feeded my chickens. 5 new chicks.
    I have the glass. Now, how to make glass panes? To the library!
    Now I know the crafting recipe. Crafted 96 glass panes.
    Cooked 9 chicken.
    Milked my cow.
    Started to place windows in my bedroom/storage area.
    Night. But that doesn't mean anything here. Not anymore.
    Done the windows.
    What to do? Ah yes! Make the storage area!
    Crafted some signs.
    Placed one outside my home, and placed 2 on the first floor.
    Crafted 4 chests.
    Placed them upstairs.
    Labeled them with signs.
    Made 2 more chests.
    Placed it upstairs.
    Labeled it. I have 3 double chests labeled as follows: Food & Farming, Monster & Animmal Loot and Wood & Mining.
    To bed. It's been a long day.

    Day 29
    "If you have a good sense of survival, get out." I've heard this quote before. It's been almost a month since I came. I wish I could return to my homeland, but I still have no idea where I am. Will I stay here for the rest of my life?
    Sorted my items into the upstairs chests.
    Harvested my wheat. 8 bundles, 10 seeds.
    Moved a furnace upstairs.
    Bread my chickens. 5 new members.
    I have a RIDICULOUS amount of eggs. Time to hatch them!
    I have 14 stacks of eggs!
    4 CHICKS hatched out of one egg!
    28 new chicks!
    Time to fight!
    I head out of the village.
    I won't have time to write about this, so I will write when i'm done.

    Day 30
    Sunrise?? Come on!
    I kill the rest of the monsters.
    Back in the village.
    My loot: 1 spider eye, 15 rotten flesh, 5 string, 9 bones, and 7 gunpowder.
    Harvested sugarcane.
    The heavens open up above me as the sun goes down. I going to fight more monsters.
    I duck in a cave for a moment. Found iron!
    Witch poisoned me again!
    I retreat to the village to heal.
    Back to fighting!

    The page ends there

    Day 31
    What happened?

    Why am I next to my bed?

    Did I pass out?

    Did the villagers save me?

    What happened to my items?

    I don't know. But something happened last night. And I need to find out.
    I grab a stone sword from one of my chests and head out.
    I realize. That stupid **** witch almost killed me!
    I quickly grab my dropped items and GTFO of there.
    I almost got all of my items...
    I have to deal with that witch!

    The diary ends there
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    ͍̳̳̌H̰͍͓̮̯͚ͭḙ͋͂̍x̺̼̗ͮ̈ͬͤ̔ͬà̻̜̖̩͙͇̅̓̾̓ͩͬd̫̩̻͚̤͌ͥ̑ͯe̙̯ͯ̓͒ͧc͔̠̖͔̯̤͕ͪ̽ͨͩ̔̅ͧ͂ỉ̲͕̪̝̰̮̟̮̑m̭̖͉͕̻̱̥ͧͯ͑̃̃͐å̝̞͕͛͆̄́ͨl̘̣̞̣͍̱̅̊͐̇ ̼͓̪̫͙̮̯̈̓̽m̫͉͙̊̃͗͊ͪȇ̟̼͍̲̩̟͙͎̉s͎̰̫͚͖̪ͪͣͣ̔ͭͅͅs͕̳̮̹̘ͩ̆̐̍ͩ͗ͅa̜͓̮͈̻̲̟̍ͧ̎g̻͔ͣ̒̾̊ĕ͓̱̞̞͇̹̟̍̉̚
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