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Feb 23, 2023
Here is the last thread:

Basically, I noticed that tridents are better than netherite swords as they give an extra point of damage (half a heart). Have reported that the damage may be bugged, got rejected, reported it again, got corrected about what is broken and what isn't, basically: damage = not that broken, HP bar = very broken.

In all of my reporting and testing though, I have never truly answered one question (at least not with one definitive answer): What system does cubecraft use for damage calculation?

Because, while damage values for all weapons except the trident aligned with a system that minecraft bedrock edition used to have, I have never looked too much into how damage on cube is calculated exactly.

After a very intense and confusing (mostly confusing, not actually that intense) discussion with the minecraft bug tracker mod, I have come into posession of something that can be very useful and helpful here:
An excel spreadsheet.

In that, all formulas necessary to some-what calculate the damage, and all I gotta do is fill in a couple numbers.

I decided to, using those same formulas, create a spreadsheet in which you can calculate the damage for both the "new" versions of minecraft, as well as the old one.
Normally I'd attach it here, but since the forums only allow a few file formats, I can't do that.

Tl;dr and conclusion at the end, as always

And what exactly got me to make another thread?

This fight right here.

Why this one? Well, it was pretty much the perfect test fight, we both have unenchanted Iron armor, we both use Iron swords, plus: I originally started "investigating" because of a similar incident. But now, with more understanding, an excel spreadsheet, and a crap ton of experiments, I think I can now determine which system of damage calculation Cubecraft uses.

Basically, I figured: I might end this the same way I started.

And what exactly do we pay attention to in that fight? Get that slow motion turned on, and lets see:

1. All NORMAL hits deal 1.5 hearts of damage/3 damage points.

Now what's so special about it? There is only one system under which that would make sense: The new one.

You see, on the old one, the damage an iron sword deals to Iron armor is 2.8, so almost 1.5. But, mathematically, that means some hits would be registered as 1 heart, especially with regen involved. (Some hits may appear like that in the video, I noticed some of them, and all of them only appear like that because the opponent regenerated ONE health point before being hit)

So, that makes the answer simple, its the new system.

Calm down though, and look at the end of the video. When you look closely, the opponent heals up from 5 health to 6 before receiving a crit from me as the killing blow.

Except that Iron sword/vanilla stone sword crits do not deal 6 damage on a critical hit on that kind of armor, they deal 5.22 damage, so 2.5 hearts.

Except... its not that simple. While the damage value stays the same, the way the HP bar displays it is... questionable at its best

At first I thought that value was wrong, and I tried recreating it ingame.

But... I couldn't, at least not in a "simple" way.

First, I tried hitting criticals only. Each of them dealt 5 damage, so 2.5 hearts. After 3 hits, 2.5 hearts left. So I yeet healing potions and try again, same result.

Then I decided to mix it up a little, with a couple normal hits and weaker health potions (I was originally using Instant healing 2, I switched to instant healing 1)

At first, I still couldn't recreate it, all normal hits damage was still 1.5 hearts, and crit damage was 6.

Then however, eventually, I got a critical that dealt 6 damage.

You see: The HP Bar is a little liar. The way it works is very inconsistent, and sometimes it displays a health of 5.000001 health as 2.5 hearts and sometimes as 6...

And what happened in that fight, as he had regened form 5 health to 6 according to the HP bar over his head, was actually that his health was like 4.something

Then it went above 5, triggering the HP Bar to go up by 0.5 hearts, but his health was not high enough above five to survive the 5.22 damage from a crit. It could have been 5.16 for example.

In other words: The health displayed was actually closer to 2.5 hearts, not 3, but the HP Bar still displayed 3.

It just confirms one of the conclusions made in the previous thread: The damage isn't that broken, the problem is that the HP Bar is.

The HP Bar, for some reason, in this circumstance, decided to display a value equivalent to just slightly above 2.5 hearts of health to 3. Now it wouldn't be that bad, except that this kind of thing can get you killed. He was eating an apple, and when he got to 6 health he may have though "okay, I am gonna be fine, keep eating" coz there was no way I could one-hit kill him with 6 health

But he didn't actually have 6 health, it was less, and it cost the poor guy the game as it influenced his decision making. Now I doubt he'd have actually made it out of there alive, but that's not the point: the point is, when you are given false information, even if its only by a difference of half a heart, it can completely change what you do and what you won't

Tl;dr and conclusion:

Cubecraft uses the new system (but with old damage values on each weapon) which isn't actually broken, but with the same broken HP Bar that minecraft uses.

This leads to 5.00001 health sometimes being displayed as 2.5 hearts, and sometimes as 3. May not seem huge, but that can massively influence your decision making if you know the damage values of each weapon. if 5.01 health is displayed as 3 hearts, then I may think I can take one iron sword crit without dying except that's not the case coz a crit with an iron sword on cube deals 5.22 damage.

To put it in an shorter way: don't trust HP Bars in minecraft, they lie to you, the only way to get actual health is to do the math yourself or heal up all the way to full health.

And also, a more random note: Tridents are a 4 hit kill on players with unenchanted Iron... that's OP as f**k.

Additionally, it turns out that regen and healing go for the health values WHILE healing also influences the HP Bar in a way that always displays the same amount of health healed, as I've noticed when trying to recreate the 6-damage crit.

So, if you heal from 0.6 health to 4.6 with an instant health 1 potion, the HP Bar health should increase by 2 hearts, so from 0.5 health to 2.5 in this circumstance. Basically: the HP bar, with healing, does the same thing as it does with damage where depending on the circumstances, each health value can be displayed by the HP bar in a different way each time.

Note that this one may require more thorough testing, as this test was mostly focused on getting the "right" sword crit
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