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Jun 26, 2016
The CubeCraft Network sees more than 200,000 unique players every day. Just like anywhere on the internet, safety is a very important topic. Here is some advice about how to ensure you and your account stay safe on our network!

🔨 Network safety - What you can do to keep safe

1. You are able to report rulebreakers on all of our services.
  • On the server, we have separate websites to submit reports.
    Java reports - More info
    Bedrock reports - More info
  • On Discord, please report players through the #staff-help channel.
  • On the forums, please use the ‘report’ button under each post.
2. You can block a user if you want to stop seeing their messages.
  • On our Java server, type /ignore add <username> to hide messages from the player. Ignoring a user will block all of their messages, friend requests, party invites and duel challenges.
  • On our Bedrock server, blocking users is done through the pause menu. Press pause, select the right user and use ‘block’. More info on staying safe on Bedrock can be found here.
  • On Discord, the forums and other social media, blocking a user is always possible by going to their profile and hitting ‘ignore’ or ‘block’.
3. You can also change your safety settings on our Java and Bedrock server.
  • On our Java server, you can toggle player visibility, friend and party requests and public and private chat by going into your Profile and entering your Settings.
  • On our Bedrock server, you are able to toggle player visibility, friend and party requests and public chat by using the Social Menu and then entering your Settings.
In case you’re looking for more professional help, make sure to read this article by Childline UK regarding cyberbullying.

If you are still feeling uncomfortable, check out our thread "If something isn't right", which gives you information on how to deal with abusive players on the server. Consider talking to a trusted adult as well, especially if you are a minor.

🔒 Account security - How you can protect your accounts

1. Choose a strong password.
  • It goes without saying that a strong password is very important.
  • A strong password is long, easy to remember, but hard to guess. Consider using a password generator.
  • Do not use the same passwords over and over again, otherwise you might lose access to your accounts all at once.
2. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your accounts.
  • Think of this as an extra layer of protection. 2FA is another way of verifying it's actually you trying to log in.
  • This can be enabled on our forums, Discord, Twitter, Google and many other social media.
  • For more info read the “Norton Security” website’s explanation on why 2FA is important.
3. Do not open suspicious files or websites.
4. Do not share your accounts with anyone.
  • Your accounts, as well as your login details, are valuable. Sharing your accounts with others comes with a lot of risks.
  • If you share your account with a sibling or a friend, you are still responsible for what happens on it.
  • Read the “Keeping your information secure” section in the “Childline UK” website to know the risks of sharing your account.
Tip: Sign up for HIBP (have I been pwned) to be alerted when your email address is found in data breaches.

Make sure to visit our Guide to compromised accounts for a more in-depth guide on securing your accounts.

Check out our community resources and safety here.
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