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Sep 11, 2022
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Hihi! 🌟

Welcome to Daily GeoGuesser!! 🌍

For the next 7 days, I’ll be posting a new location for you to scout and find on the server. Can you find most of them by the end of the week? We will see!! Bedrock is preferred for this challenge but if you managed to find it on Java, feel free to submit your guess
The rules of this challenge:
- Submit the screenshot in third-person front (showing yourself in/infront of the place)
- Submission must be in F1, not showing the scoreboard as well as HUD
- Have your submission under a spoiler or blurred
-The hint is that you can't find this one in the main lobby.

Now that the general rules have been covered…Let the fun begin! 🎉

make sure to get funky on the dancefloor~

(This challenge was made by the great @JustNathie . Check out the rest of his awesome post. I'm just doing the last day)

Yes I did just copy and paste it and add relevant details in.
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