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Cubecraft Birthday Calendar!


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Mar 18, 2017
September 28th

♥(。U ω U。)
october 24
September 26
All of you have been added! c:
Still waiting for someone to be February 29th
IceScreams almost was added on this date because I can't think xd
Yess finaly they all have been added. There are a lot of players on it right now :D
Yep! 80 people on there right now :D
Shouldn't this thread be pinned?
It isn't a really informative thread, more created for fun, so I don't think it should be pinned, but it would be cool tho ;p


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Jul 2, 2015
For some reason I got a notification for this reply, these forums are strange sometimes xd

anyways, thanks for letting me know, i just tried it to be sure
I think it automatically re-watches after you reply. So you probably unwatched it and after your reply you got linked again xd
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Teaparty must be its own separate game, just like "UHC champions" in the popular 1.8 server. I guarantee it will be the most played game on the server.
I'm rarely active on the forums but exactly 4 years ago I registered on the forums!
ivanr12 wrote on Earth's profile.
Hello! I was the 5,000 here: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/count-to-1-000-000.203356/ can you add it pls? :cool:
Josher wrote on Smaul's profile.
Welcome to the forums! ^-^
Hi i am a youtuber i love this server are very cool..
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