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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by JackPearl, Feb 2, 2015.

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    This suggetion is a thing and that thing can be one of the best updates of the cubecraft.

    Its about achievements. Anything like for example:

    At skywars one achievement can be the "first win". Look that achievements i invent:

    • First win- Win your first skywars- 100 points

    • First Blood- Make the first kill of one skywars

    • Double Kill!-Kill 2 guys in 5 seconds in one skywars- 200 points
    • Pro player!- Kill 5 guys in one skywars- 500 points

    • Know you know what is blood!- Do at total 50 kills at skywars- 100 points

    • Mini killer!- Do at total 500 kills at skywars- 250 points

    • Master killer- Do at total 1000 kills at skywars- 500 points

    • Assassin- Do at total 3000 kills at skywars- 700 points

    Middle!- Reach the middle 1 time- 100 points

    Middle i love you <3- Reach the middle 5 times at skywars- 300 points

    The archer- Kill 10 players at skywars with bow and arrow- 200 points

    Pro archer- Kill 50 players at skywars with bow and arrow- 400 points

    And the CCG can have achievements at survival games, arcade,skyblock,factions,creative,parkour etc etc.

    I have more achievements but i dont want to write more xP. If anyone like that idea reply in that post :D
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    We already have a thread about this topic. Find it and feel free to add your ideas in there.

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