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May 20, 2021
I know this topic has been discussed many times in the past but I feel like I should bring more attention to this topic for the amount of people telling me too!

The community of Cube Craft has one way of ranking and that is through quantity. This means it is indefinitely based off the amount of wins played which is a characteristic of time. Time is a very valuable factor and this is gives no chance for anybody with skill to be able to make it on the leader board of they don't have the time to do so. For example: (skywars) You want to try and grind to get to the top of the sky wars leader board. Considering it isn't a long game and it takes 5 minutes per game, you would have to spend 10'000+ to get to just the bottom of the leader board. This sitiuation is considering games take as short as 5 minutes(unlikely) and you win every single game you play within that 10'000 hours. I don't know about you but that is a impeccable amount of time.

This is why I feel like cubecraft should introduce a winstreak system. This allows players to have a goal and be able to make it on to the leader board without spending 10'000 hours of their life(which is 416 days of playing) Instead it is a goal for you to try to accomplish and it is a goal that is not completely out of your reach. I would have the motivation to play more and more to try and get on that leader board if I had the opportunity.

Another note I would like to add is making win streaks able in not only solos but co-op game modes. Everything is better with a friend. Espiacally giving you the motivation to try and go for it!!

Thanks for reading the article I know my whole community would love to see this implemented in to game(upvote so this can get noticed by the developers)
This would bring Cube to a whole new level, closing the gap to hypixle. Everyone has been asking for this. please listen
-Icey Sauce


Jul 17, 2021
Yeah I agree it would be cool to see how many games i can win without losing or something like that! It would add a lot more coemption to the game.

I agree they should add a winstreak


Jul 12, 2020
The Netherlands
I feel like a win streak leaderboard just adds more toxicity to the server; everyone would be pretty mad when they lose their high ws. It also leads to even more people that do everything to win a game (like just building up or running endlessly around the map) and that is just really boring for the most players.
On hypixel there is already such a system, which is fun, however, it leads to focus from legit players, but also from many cheaters. On servers like hypixel, there is a nick feature that everyone can use if they pay enough, so you can protect yourself from queuefocussing. On Cubecraft, normal players can’t nick, so it would just be way to easy to just keep joining and leaving games until you face the one that has a ws and turn on your hackclient.
Besides, it makes it more tempting to download cheats to get on the leaderboard, since the leaderboard is way easier to get on than the normal wins-leaderboard. You might one would get banned before he reaches it, but there are also barely detectable hacks.
Thus, it’s a no for me.

spending 10'000 hours of their life
That’s just really exaggerated lol.
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