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Which Ideas Should Be Added?

  1. Tug-O-War

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  2. Clay Jumpers

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  3. Beacons

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  4. Safari Modification

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  5. FFA Store

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  6. 1.8 OP FFA (not listed)

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  7. Hourglass

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  8. Bow Inflation (Hardcore)

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  9. True Challenges (All Below These Have not been posted as of 10:00 PM BDT)

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  10. Hardcore 1.8 Issue

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  11. Shop Inflation

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  12. Alchemist Kit

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  13. Massive Minerware Thread

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  14. 70% Rule

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  15. City Invasion

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  16. Holiday Maps

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  17. Community-Placed Presents

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  18. Deflation (Creative)

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  19. In-Game Leather

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  20. Stairs + Slabs

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  21. Speed Mode

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  22. Void Raise

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  23. Team Balancer Revamp

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  24. None

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  1. Qin Shihuangdi

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    You all know I have a lot of suggestions. I thought, why not make a compilation of all of them that haven't been reviewed? Warning: This thread is going to be long. Because I know it will take the thread over, I'll omit all Money Walls / OP Eggwars Suggestions.


    The first suggestion I made all the way back on January 23.

    Since you all know what tug-o-war is, I'll just get to what the unique aspects are.

    3 Ways to Play the Game (that diamond+ could vote for or if against the EULA 3 sections in a lobby)

    a) Present Rush Style- Players mine for redstone ore, redstone blocks, and coal to power generators that pull the rope. Fuel is consumed at 1/sec. Redstone blocks are worth 10 and have their own generator, redstone ore is worth 4, coal is worth 2, with those 2 sharing a generator. The speed the rope is pulled is calculated by (winning team fuel/ losing team fuel)/minute.

    b) Classic- (default if no votes) The rope is pulled in whatever direction has more players at the rate of 1/2(More - Less) / Minute. The only way to kill is with a punch x infinity 1 bow by knocking them into the lava. After a while, anvils will start falling and eventually the wall in the middle will disappear allowing players to cross (at this time full iron armor + diamond sword is obtained).

    c) Extreme Destruction- 5 points power the rope. Until one of these points is destroyed, the rope does not move. Once it is destroyed, the team who destroyed the point will start having the rope move toward them at the number of additional points per minute. Once all points are destroyed on one team, they have 30 seconds- 1 minute to break any remaining on the other team. If this happens, both teams get 1 back and this continously repeats.

    Clay Jumpers

    So, here I am with another minigame suggestion.

    Rules of the game: Players will be split into four teams of 1-10 players. Players will start out on an arena about the size of the money walls map volcano. Players will receive a bunch of stuff in their kits (see below) that help them at the start of the game. The beginning is a free-for-all, mine blocks and hope that keys pop out. PvP is enabled during this time. Most blocks have a 2% chance of giving a key (5 keys are needed) apart from these:

    Gold Block: 5%
    Diamond Block: 10%
    Emerald Block: 22.5%
    Quartz Block: 45%
    End Stone: 80%
    Of course, these blocks would be a much rarer find.

    Once all 5 keys are obtained by the team, stage 2 begins. Players use the keys to unlock their tower in which they must glide outside the wall toward their area (blocked by barriers) Out here they will find an enchantment table w/ bookshelves, an anvil, and their first shop in addition to redstone generators. However, the redstone generators are floating in midair and need to be accessed by elytra. Thy produce every 20 seconds, but not on the same rate. For example, gen 1 produces at seconds 0,20,40 2 at 4,24,44 etc. A total of 64 redstone is needed to activate the jump pad to stage 3. This is the only stage where PvP is disabled.

    Stage 3 is a lot of fun. The goal is to use shulkers to jump up to stage 4. A generator for chorus fruit can be found here, and a shulker requires two chorus fruit to activate. A person can only feed one shulker and that shulker only helps that person.

    Stage 4 is the last stage. Once getting up, you'll find 4 brick generators for blocks. Also, there is a piece of clay with your team color up there. At this point, take it back to stage 2 and put it on a redstone generator. At this time, the inside walls will fall and an alert will flash "TEAM _____ HAS PLACED THEIR CLAY" This can be covered up and other teams must take the clay before 2 minutes is up. If they don't, you win! Otherwise, it is put back at the top.



    - Efficiency 2 Unbreaking 10 Iron Pickaxe

    - Stone Sword

    - Elytra

    - Feather Falling 100 Unbreaking 100 Leather Boots

    - Leather Pants


    - Iron Pickaxe

    - Stone Sword

    - Elytra

    - FF100 U100 Iron Boots

    - Iron Helmet

    - Iron Leggings


    - Iron Pickaxe

    - Diamond Sword

    - Elytra

    - FF100 U100 Leather Boots

    - Leather Pants


    - Iron Pickaxe

    - Stone Sword

    - Elytra

    - FF100 U100 Boots

    - 10 Golden Apples

    - 1 GOD Apple

    - 10 Regeneration 1 Potions

    Shop Items (Stage 2)

    2 RS - Leather Helmet

    5 - Leather Pants

    1 - Bottle O' Enchanting x 2

    2 - Lapis Lazuli x 3

    6 - Sharp 1 Book

    14 - Sharp 3 Book

    6 - Protection 1 Book

    14 - Protection 3 Book

    8 - Fire Aspect Book

    20 - Thorns Book

    12 - KB Book

    9 - Power 2 Book

    18 - Punch 2 Book

    7 - Bow

    S3 Shop (Chorus Fruit)

    6- Iron Sword

    10- Diamond Pickaxe

    5- Iron Helmet

    7- Iron Leggings

    4- Iron Boots

    18- Diamond Helmet

    26- Diamond Leggings

    16- Diamond Boots

    S4 Shop (Bricks)

    1- Glowstone

    3- Emerald Block

    7- Obsidian

    12 - Protection 2 Diamond Helmet, Leggings, Boots

    8- Efficiency 2 Diamond Pickaxe


    This suggestion was originally meant for OP mode, but know it's for all modes:

    So, I've seen a lot of people complaining that Obsidian is useless in overpowered mode. However, there is one block that could be a possible alternative: beacons. Beacons take 3.75 seconds to mine no matter what and could be a good 3 gold trade for a quick protection. Let me know what you think!

    Map Issue on Safari

    Luke said he would fix this, but as it appears to have been forgotten I'll bring this back up.

    This is at black island.

    FFA Store Suggestion

    So, in OP FFA you can currently purchase Sharpness Swords, Power Bows, and Protection Armor.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    My suggestion is to add more enchantments into the store.
    For Swords:
    LEVEL 1- 45 points
    LEVEL 2- 90 points
    LEVEL 3- 180 points
    LEVEL 1: 60 points
    LEVEL 2: 120 points
    For Bows:
    Level 1: 20 Points
    Level 2: 60 Points
    Level 1: 100 Points
    Level 2: 250 Points
    For Armor:
    Level 1: 40 Points / Piece
    Level 2: 100 Points/ Piece
    Level 2 + Protection 2: 250 Points/ Piece

    Let me know what you think below!


    1. Battle Shovel.

    The battle shovel in 1.9 has a cooldown of 1, and in an arena like that where PvP should be a quick kill, I either think that the cooldown should be modified so it matches the sword, or the cooldown should be removed in its entirety.

    2. Wither

    This goes with what I said above ^ that the combat is far too slow. If the idea above isn't going to get implemented, can you guys at least make it so that the wither spawns later because it always intervenes with PvP.

    Bow Inflation - Hardcore Eggwars
    I'll need to make another post, I reached the character limit.

    The bow inflation rate is miniscule compared to other inflation rates. Here's a list:

    Wood Sword: 6.4 Times Normal
    Wood Axe: 8 Times Normal
    Stone Sword: 5 Times Normal
    Stone Axe: 5 Times Normal
    Iron Sword: 5
    Iron Axe: 5
    Sandstone: 2
    Glass: 2
    Glowstone: 2
    Hay: 2
    Obsidian: 2
    Chests: 2
    TNT: 2.5
    Compass: 3.2
    Carrot: 3
    Steak: 3
    Cake: 4.167
    Gapple: 5
    Leather Armour: 20
    Chain Armour: 3
    Iron Armour: 4
    Stone Pick: 1.5 + Loss of Enchant
    Iron Pick: 1.67 + Loss of Enchant
    Diamond Pick: 1.5 + Loss of Enchant
    Diamond Pick II: 1.5 + Weaker Enchant

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    I would take a read to form my opinion on these suggestions, but I think it would be better to give each suggestion their on thread as it would make debating whether to add this suggestion 1.000.000x easier.
    I'll probably read into this suggestion another time
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    Soo many suggestions D: time to read them all I guess :p
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