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Would you like to see these Armoury changes?

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May 13, 2014
Hey CubeCrafters!

In case you didn't know, Armoury is our automatic kit selection menu, we'll be addressing this system during this thread.

After talking with @Story about future game updates, a notable issue that came up was the topic of kits in certain gamemodes. We felt like certain kits in certain gamemodes become extremely overpowered or underpowered. For example, the Iron Golem kit becomes extremely overpowered in Basic chests, but underpowered and practically useless in Overpowered chests.

This inconsistency and unbalancing are seen in SkyWars, EggWars and Survival Games in both of our networks, and we want to address the issue.

Essentially what we are planning is updating our Armoury infrastructure to support kit changes upon a change in the gamemode. Using the Iron Golem kit as an example, we may want to give players chain helmet/leggings/boots when Basic chests are voted, but give protection 3 iron helmet/leggings/boots when Overpowered is voted.

We have a list of kits with their contents and what their contents would be per gamemode on our public Notion board. You are able to click on each of the kits and see what their contents would be for Normal, OP and Basic.

These changes are not final though, we'd like to know your feedback with certain kits, or the entire idea itself in the replies below. If you'd like, you can follow this template here:

Game: <What game? SkyWars/EggWars/Survival Games>
Kit Name: <What kit? e.g. Swordsman, Iron Golem>
Gamemode: <What gamemode? e.g Normal, OP, Basic>
Contents: <What you want to see in the kit in the certain gamemode>

Thanks everyone! Looking forward to seeing your reactions to this. :)


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Aug 29, 2019
I really like this! I have some feedback on a couple of kits:

Game: SkyWars
Kit Name: Digger
Gamemode: OP
Contents: Iron pickaxe (efficiency 4, unbreaking 3, fortune 2), 8x diamond ore, 12x iron ore, 7x coal ore, 14x gold ore, 2 furnaces
Why: To be honest diamonds and iron are useless in OP chests (unless you want to craft a bucket). You get full enchanted diamond armor from chests so you don't really need more diamonds. Adding gold ore will give the player a chance to craft 1 or 2 extra golden apples (depending if they have the ability "Mining Luck" unlocked)

Game: SkyWars
Kit Name: Archer
Gamemode: OP
Contents: Bow (power I), 10 arrows, diamond chestplate
Why: In OP chests there are no unenchanted bows, so adding power I to the kit will make it more balanced imo


Jun 11, 2020
Well, I'd suggest adding several kits to Bedrock as well as the new changes, since the current kits are pretty lackluster :) :


Normal: 10 arrows, unenchanted bow
Basic: 5 arrows, unenchanted bow
OP: 15 arrows, Power 1 bow

This one would require a little more coding than normal so that the golems will only attack your enemies, but still sounds pretty cool to me, since you get a choice between snowballs and golems
Normal: 40 snowballs, 5 carved pumpkins
Basic: 20 snowballs, 2 carved pumpkins
OP: 80 snowballs, 10 carved pumpkins

Normal: 3 blocks of redstone, 5 pressure plates, 5 pieces of tnt
Basic: 1 block of redstone, 2 pressure plates, 2 pieces of tnt
OP: 5 blocks of redstone, 10 pressure plates, 10 pieces of tnt


(This one, I can't decide if the normal kit and basic should be the same or not, since the blocks are for protecting the egg)
Egg Armor:
Normal: 5 blocks of endstone
Basic: 5 blocks of endstone
OP: 10 blocks of endstone
Edit: For people who saw this with wood, I changed it to endstone

These would probably be earnable via xp. In other words, you lose a certain amount of levels in CC to get the kits
Edit: I'll probably add more kits as soon as I think of them :D
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Aug 18, 2019
Tweaks I would Like to see (all in java skywars):
Builder (endstone is slower to break so you can actually get across a bridge before someone breaks it):
Normal: 25x Endstone, stone sword, leather helmet (yellow)
Basic: 25x bricks, wood sword
OP: 35x Endstone, stone sword (sharp 1), leather helmet (yellow, protection 5)

Noobly (stone pick is useless in OP mode):
Normal: Stone pickaxe, wood spade, wood axe, wood sword, 5x bread, leather chestplate, leather leggings
Basic: Wood pickaxe, wood spade, wood axe, wood sword, 2x bread, leather chestplate
Overpowered: Iron pickaxe (efficiency 1), stone spade, stone axe, stone sword, 10x bread, iron chestplate, iron leggings

(i will edit this as i think of more)
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Apr 21, 2020
Great ideas! I disagree about the scout kit changes for basic though. I like that there is less potions, but I think that it should keep the stone sword. This is to keep it balanced as if you’re removing the amount of speed potions, and nerfing the weapon, the kit becomes way too underpowered. I’m also curious about how the content of each kit would be displayed without taking up the entire screen. I also have an idea for a kit change.

Normal: Protection 1 and Unbreaking 1 Leather Armor and 32 endstone (Regular Enderpearl times and amounts)
Basic: Regular leather armor and 20 endstone (Enderpearls after 3 minutes and 9 minutes)
Overpowered: Protection 4 and Unbreaking 4 leather armor and 48 endstone (Enderpearls after 3 minutes, 6 minutes, 9 minutes and 12 minutes)
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Jul 6, 2016
The Netherlands
I´m still very delighted to see that the management is really listening to the feedback of the community, this way we get to know what the community wants to improve their gameplay experience and to make it as balanced as possible.

I think some kits are very useless and not a lot of people use them, hence why I think they need an improvement to make them more balanced.

I have no ideas for improvements on kits but I got an other idea :

Maybe it is possible to add Dynamic kits to the game (if possible), so that the type of kits depends on the selected chest items. So overpowered kits for OP items, Normal kits for normal items and basic kits for basic items. This way kits are more usefull for overpowered mode as well since lots of kits are useless when those items are selected :>
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Mar 18, 2017
the selfie area
Game: Skywars (Java)
Kit Name: Bomber
Gamemode: 1. Overpowered / 2. All modes
1. I'd like to have a bit more TnT in this kit on the overpowered mode because it currently is the same as on normal and basic. Overpowered is a crazy mode and I feel like having more TnT in this kit will maintain that craziness.
2. Remove the 2 tripwire hooks and 5 string from the kit. I have never seen anyone using them before and can't imagine any way to use these. It'd be better to add them to the Redstone master kit.
Game: Skywars (Java)
Kit Name: Redstone master
Gamemode: All modes
Contents: I feel like there are way too little pistons in this kit. There currently are two normal and two sticky pistons. I'd make it so you get 32 normal pistons and 32 sticky pistons. This generally doesn't make it more OP, it just expands the trap idea you can make with this kit.
Game: Skywars (Java)
Kit Name: Fisherman
Gamemode: Overpowered
Contents: This kit currently contains depth strider V leather boots but a fun fact about this: depth strider only goes up to III, any higher won't work.
My suggestions:
- Change the depth strider from V to III and give the kit a drinkable speed I potion (1m30)
- Change the depth strider from V to III and make the boots golden with unbreaking I
- Change the depth strider from V to III and give the boots an extra unbreaking II enchantment (they break really quickly when fighting other players because you receive so many hits)


Jun 3, 2015
Game: Skywars (Java 1.9)
Kit Name: Swordsman
Gamemode: Basic
Contents: Sharpness 2 stone sword >sharpness 1 stone sword.

Gamemode: Overpowered
Contents: Sharpness 2 stone sword > sharpness 2 diamond sword.

Game: Skywars (Java 1.9)
Kit Name: Iron Golem
Gamemode: Basic
Contents: Iron armor >
Chain helmet
Chain boots
Iron leggings

Gamemode: Overpowered
Contents: Iron armor >
Diamond leggings; protection 1
Diamond Helmet; protection 1
Diamond Boots; projectile protection 1


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Feb 12, 2020
2 suggestions:

Game: SkyWars
Kit name: Iron golem
Basic: Chain helmet, leggings and boots
Normal: Like as it is now
OP: Diamond Chestplate and Boots with protection 1.

Game: SkyWars
Kit name: Swordsman
Basic: Stone sword with sharpness 1
Normal: Like as it is now
OP: Iron spoed with sharpness 2 OR Diamond Sword with Sharpness 1 and fire aspect 1
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why just eggwars, skywars and survival games :( there are unbalanced kits in other games like lucky islands or blockwars
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