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May 29, 2015
Amersfoort, The Netherlands
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Well I guess I’m gonna start grinding SG too so I think 100 wins should do.
Here’s the link the video 1 I’ll post until I get 100:
Win counter will be in my Twitter bio: https://twitter.com/blankminecraft

Note: Thank you to everyone who has liked my posts it means a lot!
Ge1ster wrote on Spoon's profile.
Happy Birthday Spuni!
Can't believe you are 18 now, that's amazing :D
Wish you the best of years! Congratulations 🎉🥳
i'm grinding SW and SG lol
UncleSpect wrote on uswnt's profile.
soon birthdayy 👀🥳🥳
SEN0RWIZZARD wrote on MeliodasWrath's profile.
I never noticed u were following me or if I did I forgot but imma follow u cuz ur cool
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