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Oct 31, 2013
I dunno, why you ask?
Hello guys! I'm telling you the story of my CCG life.

It all started when I wanted to find a hide and seek server. I went to Minecraft Forums and found Cubecraft! I got in the hide and seek maps and got fun. Later, I LOVED creative once I got in it. I built an AWESOME plot as a stone, but @Catzilla24 deleted it:mad:, so after I donated I made it a parkour plot. Then kitPvP came. As a stone, I loved to blow up weaklings as a suicide bomber. Then Christmas came, at the morning I donated to gold and I got really excited to play cuz ppl LOVED donators, so it was my chance, and of course, it happened. I got friends like max_y_million, @MorganPlayzMc , @Aimee2323 (she was my first donator and staff friend when I was a stone), and then @caliocean came. @SGTkuzey came at the first days as a stone. Then I met @musemat when I was a young gold. On my first gold Sunday, problems came. I found a hacker, but a guy called Zombie_Slayer_88 was calling me jealous and inmature (I told him that I had the Asperger Syndrome, but he/she ignored me:mad:). Then aces1243 was the first griefer I met. He griefed my BEAUTIFUL CASTLE MALL :(:(:(:(:(! Ikit (I knew it) cuz I denied him on my parkour plot for cheating and Ikit on that moment because he took revenge by griefing. Then @tahatii was the guy who frustrated me the MOST cuz he was saying in chat like commands for dogs with MY NAME! I got REALLY FRUSTRATED THAT I WANTED TO KILL HIM AT THAT MOMENT :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:!
But I retired that when he got mod. @PinkStr3ak then was my friend when I donated and I got happy when she got mod (So she was my 2nd friend that is now staff), then caliocean came and became mod. I met @gedas001 when I was active in the forums and then I found him in the server. I'm still playing, and hope one day, as Aimee, Pink and cali got mod, I wish I'll too. ;):)

So that's my story in CCG.
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