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Apr 29, 2020
Earlier this week, I made a video and post about trapping somebody in obsidian in Eggwars. Now I received a bit of negative feedback and the post was taken down. I was also given a warning. I looked at the rules and saw that trolling was an offense. The text was pretty vague, however, it does explicitly says that trapping people in eggwars is against the rules. So that is out of the question. Now if you look at other posts I made, most of them are about trapping people in some particular game. I am now a bit concerned about whether I was breaking the rules in those other videos. Can somebody please explain what is acceptable and unacceptable, or whether or not trolling is against the rules regardless of the game and how you execute it.

Thank you
Sep 17, 2020
For trapping, it is allowed if you’re trying to break someone’s egg. In the video you were trapped for entertainment which is not allowed on Cubecraft.
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Agreed, please read the rules, and you shouldn't need to worry about anything!! :D


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Apr 21, 2020
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