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I do not think this should have been locked...

If what was said about caliocean is true a punishment may be advised but not a perm demotion. i think cali is someone who really cares about the server and shouldnt face anyone saying rude things about her n the other hand some f my freinds are against her so i shall not be ruting for either argument please read the other thread but i am do NOT want her demoted she is an awsome mod


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Oct 20, 2013
Why did you even make this.. That matter has been resolved. Cali was not in the wrong. I want to make that clear!! She did the right thing muting those two, who had broke the rules. And in return took a load of abuse, and a pathetic attempt of getting her demoted. This resulted in those accounts getting banned. If you anymore threads/posts on this matter continue, am sure the admins and mods will take swift action, giving out warnings and potentially temp banning you on the forums.
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