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Sep 12, 2018
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🗺️ Bring Back Bingo! (Repost)

Please read the entire thread before voting, there is a lot of information in this thread which took me over an hour to gather, so it is appreciated!

Hey there everyone! I'm back with another suggestion! This time about something that has been suggested a lot. I think it's time to bring back Bingo, and I'm not the only one. If you don't know what Bingo is, you can read this thread, which explains everything you need to know about this amazing game! Anyways, about all the times it is suggested before: the spoiler below shows all the threads I could find about that bingo should return, and boy, there were A LOT more than I initially expected. Feel free to read them, but make sure not to necro-post on them!

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Bingo - A Community Event and Bingo 2 - An Unofficial Community Event - by SanCookie
Although I know the last one isn't a suggestion to bring it back, it states the same: the event was filled up in no-time (definitely for Forum terms). It shows how much people loved the gamemode and wanted to play it again, even outside of CubeCraft.

Those are all I could find, but there are probably a few more. You get the idea 😉

It has been hinted by a lot of moderators and other staff that it would probably return later on, but after four years I sadly haven't seen it back ever since.

Now if it is suggested so often, why is it never forwarded? Well, it actually is forwarded before, you can read that suggestion here.
The suggestion got denied at this time. Quotation of an important line in the denial reason from StorySays (Current Admin):
"(...) However, in the event that we put Bingo on Bedrock then we'd put the time into placing it into the Java featured games list since we'd already be working on it. Bingo on Bedrock isn't something we have planned at this moment in time so we're going to mark this idea as denied for now."

Now, Bingo is actually been released on bedrock, in a slightly different form though. You can read a lot about it in this thread. With the release of Bingo on bedrock I assumed it would be put on the to-do list of CubeCraft, hopefully releasing it later this year. However, with the Notion Board update we can actually look into the agenda of CubeCraft, and there we can see that it is not in the Backlog.

I don't think this will be added anytime soon, but Bingo brings a whole different dimension of Minecraft with it, and I believe it brings a whole new community with it. Bingo is an amazing game and I can't wait to see it back! I know, a lot has changed in Minecraft, and it would take a lot of time to develop the entire thing, but even if it is only a side project that gets worked on a little bit every time, and if it gets released in over a year, I still think it is worth it to at least make this suggestion to get Bingo on the Backlog again.

Last note I want to make is that Bingo has not initially been removed due to too little players, but because there was a game breaking bug, which LoonyRules (Developer back in the days), Quetzi (Management Team back in the days) and Camezonda (current Admin) described in a few of the threads about returning Bingo to Java:
Outdated plugins? It was entirely custom, the only thing that broke Bingo was the anti-xray system that we had initially built for UHC back in the day. It was ported over to Bingo and worked perfectly fine for a while, then improvements were made to the game as a whole and then it seemed to have broken. If we were to ever add Bingo as a featured game, that quite literally, game breaking bug would most definitely be fixed. But it 's deciding whether or not it's actually worth the investment just to get ~40 players on it for 2 days every now and then. (this post)
The issue with adding either UHC or Bingo to the featured games list isn't a lack of desire to. There are technical challenges for those 2 games in particular that we need to overcome and we're going to need to throw dev time at it to solve. This doesn't mean that it will never happen, just that it can't happen right now. (this post)

The reason that Bingo hasn't made the cut is a technical one, the game itself relies on a system that is no longer in use and one that doesn't easily integrate into the featured games system. This doesn't mean that it will never happen, just that it isn't on the cards yet. (this post)
(...) and Bingo wasn't added to the list as the world generation tool used to make the worlds and choose the bingo boards was retired when we updated our infrastructure. (this post)
I've seen a few posts on internet (reddit, youtube) about people that made a similar plugin or something related to that to play bingo, so it definitely is possible. There is no other public server with this minigame however, making it super unique and in my (and a lot of other community members) opinion fun game to add to CubeCraft.

Please vote :agree: on this thread if you want to see Bingo return to Java, or at least get the project on the Backlog/CubeCraft's To-Do List! If you vote :unsure: or :disagree:, absolutely fine, but I'd love to hear why. Please do not vote likes or other stuff as it doesn't add anything to the thread.

Wow! You made it to the end! This thread took me a while to make, so thanks for reading all this and have a nice day! ♥️


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Jun 26, 2020
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I must :agree:Agree as this would be an amazing and more accessible (in terms of skill and experience) game to host events for. CCU (an unofficial external community related to CCG) will even be hosting tournaments for it if added to the Featured Games.

Great suggestion and well-explained, I can see you put much effort in it :).


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Feb 15, 2021
I would like to see Bingo added again but they denied that thread about bring bingo back just 3 months ago and I don’t think they've changed their minds yet


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Apr 16, 2020
Heyyooo Bloomm!

I heard a lot about Bingo and also saw a lot of suggestions to bring it back! I also never played it but with all the people wanting to see this gamemode back I highly got a lot of motivation and excitement to try it!

I hope to see it on the network back to make people who never played it discover it and bring nostalgia of people who already played it before by playing this game again!

I agree :agree: with your suggestion!!


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Sep 12, 2018
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I've never played Bingo on Cubecraft before, it sounds really cool
Thats pretty logical: it has been removed almost 4 years ago, I think only the OG's here remember actually playing it!
I would like to see Bingo added again but they denied that thread about bring bingo back just 3 months ago and I don’t think they've changed their minds yet
As I've stated in the thread: they said they were going to place it in the FG cycle in Java as well if they implement it in bedrock. That happened a few weeks ago, hence I made the suggestion.
I went over all those threads, seen Mivke so passionate about this game from the moment they removed it back in 2018 :o


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Jan 30, 2014
Hey Blom, thanks for the suggestion.

Unfortunately, nothing has changed from the original suggestion you have linked. When we stated we'd need to see Bingo on Bedrock before pushing it onto Java- we were referring to our Bedrock server, the reason it being on Marketplace doesn't count is that Marketplace minigames are constructed using command blocks and thus doesn't provide the development workload.

At this time the answer is still the same:
Story said:
It would definitely be in featured games if it was on the network, there are much more exciting features that we want to put our resources into instead of a featured game like Bingo.

However, in the event that we put Bingo on Bedrock then we'd put the time into placing it into the Java featured games list since we'd already be working on it. Bingo on Bedrock isn't something we have planned at this moment in time

When we make big decisions like adding games or doing major updates- we generally use data in addition to community feedback and never just one on its own. The nature of our Bedrock server is that it is so much larger than the forums, the forums community accounts for a tiny percentage of the actual players and Java is similar.

With Bingo we'd like to do the following before considering adding it to Bedrock (thus Java):
  • Grow the player count substantially.
  • Have a plan for where it would go permanently in the scenario that it succeeds.
  • Build out other games with updates so that they are stable.
  • Build out the network with more supporting systems.
Sadly, this is a lot of work and something that is not going to be achieved for the foreseeable future, as these plans are relatively long-term. We're working on improving our networks going forwards, which once this, as well as the other points above, have been achieved, we'll consider moving this forward.

So I will now mark this as denied, as well.
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